Weather In Ocho Rios Jamaica
Rain or Sunshine?

Ocho Rios Jamaica Weather

The weather in Ocho Rios Jamaica is always welcoming. After all, the weather here is the number-one reason why so many persons choose this north coast destination for their home while on the island.

One of the best things about this region is that for the majority of the day, you can expect sunshine that will make your days warm and nice, which will be perfect for any outdoor activity.

While here, you should be prepared for warm climate at days and cool temperatures at nights.

Remember that Ocho Rios lies along the Caribbean Sea, so you should expect a few showers from time to time, especially during our hurricane season.

During the hurricane season, Ocho Rios experiences on and off showers, which are heavier in the days than at nights.

I know in Jamaica, we don’t have seasons but to make you more familiar with our weather forecasts, I have grouped our months into traditional seasons.

Ocho Rios Jamaica Weather - Winter ( December, January And February)

Ocho Rios °F
Average 80
January 78
February 79
March 81
April 81
May 82
June 84
July 84
August 84
September 84
October 84
November 81
December 81

The winters in this town are usually colder when compared to other parts of the island. The average temperature for December, January and February are 81 °F and 79 °F respectively.

All three months usually have a high temperature of 84 °F. January and February tend to be the coldest months. Temperatures sometimes reach as low as 73 °F.

The number-one reason for the “cool” weather in Ocho Rios Jamaica is the Caribbean Sea. The winter months will see an average of 81 °F of sea temperature.

If you are trying to avoid the rainy season in winter, then Ocho Rios is just for you. The winter season in Ocho Rios experiences the least amount of rain fall when compared to other seasons.

All three months average eight days of rain per month, with February being the month with the least number of rainy days.

The hills of Ochi are very cold during the winter months. You will need a sweater at nights to combat the cold.

Weather In Ocho Rios Jamaica - Spring (March, April And May)

Ocho Rios Weather

Spring is a good time to visit Ochi. Overall, the weather in Ocho Rios Jamaica is pretty nice; especially the first part of spring.

In March, you should experience the best weather in spring. The months of April and May will experience an average of nine (9) sunny days per month.

The month of May is when you can anticipate many rainy days. In fact, you will find about twelve days of rain in May and only eight in March and April.

Spring is the warmest part of the year. The average temperature is around 81 °F. Spring time is ideal for all outdoor activities such as going to the beach or going on a tour.

At nights, you can expect a chilly temperature. The temperature will sometimes reach a cool temperature of 70 °F.

Ocho Rios Jamaica Weather - Summer ( June, July And August)

Weather by

Summertime in Ochi equals to sun, sun and sun. There is no better time to relax at the beach or walk through the town of Ochi than during the months of June, July and August.

Dress comfortably because the average temperature is 84 °F. June is the coolest month with an average of 77 °F.

Even though rainfall occurs during the summer months more than spring and winter, you will still get a chance to experience sunnier days than any other time during the year.

I would not worry about the rain. When the rain falls in the summer time, it is usually not for long.

During the summer months, the rain is light. You might have a few scattered showers, but they won’t last as long as the rain you will experience in September, October and November.

Ocho Rios Jamaica Weather - Autumn (Sept, Oct And Nov)

Weather In Ocho Rios Jamaica

Truth be told, autumn is the best time to get cheap flights to Jamaica and save big on hotels, but autumn is not the best time to visit Ocho Rios as it relates to the weather.

The only problem is that you may run the risk of ruining your vacation as rain falls the entire time. If you love outdoor activities, you may want to avoid this time of the year.

You will experience more rainfall in September, October and November than any other time of the year.

So while you will find the cheapest tickets to Ochi for this time of the year, you have to gamble on the rainy days.

I have lived in Ocho Rios for six years and based upon my experience the best time to travel is January, February, July or August.

Book early for great deals and you will experience nice sunny days, especially in the summer.

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