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Jamaica Weather

The weather in Jamaica is the main reason why so many tourists flock to this beautiful island.

We have what is called a tropical marine climate. The marine part comes from our sea, especially the wind.

You see, the wind from the sea cools the land at day and night time. At nights, the land is much cooler than the days.

The mountains also contribute to the warm tropical Jamaican weather. You will find the mountainous area cooler than the lower lying land right throughout the year.

It is always important to know what the weather in Jamaica will be like before you plan and take your vacation.

For the most part, the average temperature in Jamaica is between 80 °F and 90 °F (27 °FCelsius-29 °Celsius).

Weather In Jamaica

Luckily, the weather in Jamaica is always vacation friendly.

You will hardly experience long periods of rain fall, and you will become accustomed to weeks upon weeks of sunny Jamaica weather.

This type of weather makes it hard to escape the beach.

Now I know that you most likely have a date in mind to travel to Jamaica.

Here I discuss the different weather forecasts that you can expect throughout the year.

Month Avg. Daily High Temp (°F) Avg. Daily Low Temp (°F) Avg. Monthly Precip (inches) % Days With Rain
January 82.3 74.2 2.7 36
February 82.3 74.3 1.8 34
March 83.7 75 2.3 29
April 85 76.4 2.5 31
May 86.5 78 5.9 42
June 88 78.7 5.5 40
July 88.4 78.2 2.9 30
August 88.5 78.3 5.2 35
September 87.9 77.9 6.1 47
October 86.7 77.6 7.4 47
November 84.9 77 5.5 45
December 83.1 75 3.6 39

Summer Months In Jamaica

Summer In Jamaica

The hottest months are the summer months of July and August. The average temperature for the summer is 88 °F.

It’s also the best time in Jamaica to just relax on the beach, play beach volley ball, get a tan, or just go on a few excursions.

You may experience a few rainy days, but for the most part, it’s the perfect outdoor climate for activities.

Winter Months In Jamaica

Winter In Jamaica

The coolest times in Jamaica are the winter months of December to February. The average temperature at this time is 75 °F. Winter temperatures vary with the summer temperatures by 10 °F to 23 °F.

Remember our climate is cool and not cold. That’s because Jamaica does not have a “cold” weather; in fact, our winter is relatively warm when compared to New York, Miami, England and Canada.

Tourists love to take advantage of our "warm winters," and I think you should too.

Even though our winters are not that cold, you should note that in the daytime, it is slightly cool, but it gets much cooler at nights. So you might want to take a sweater or jacket with you.

You will surely need a jacket if you venture in the mountainous areas. A good example is our famous Blue Mountain Peak.

There have been reports that persons have experienced snow on Blue Mountain Peak. This is not surprising as Blue Mountain Peak is the coldest point in Jamaica.

Windy Months In Jamaica

Spring In Jamaica

March and April are considered our windy months. On the north coast, the wind in March and April may prevent you from taking part in water sports activities such as scuba trips, para-sailing and snorkeling outings.

The Negril Beach area and the Kingston area is considered more sheltered, and so you will find the weather here more water sports friendly.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season In Jamaica

Not the “H” word.

Jamaica's hurricane season begins on June 1st and ends on November 1st. The island is very weather friendly, and we have only had a few direct hurricane hits in the past ninety (90) years.

Jamaica has felt the effects of direct hits by hurricanes, mainly in August (Gustav in 2008, Charley in 2004) and early September (Ivan in 2004 and Gilbert in 1988).

Even though Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean are surrounded by water, we are not prone to hurricanes like other territories.

For the most part, Jamaica receives the slight after-effects such as winds and short periods of rain. We have been lucky to avoid some of the most extreme conditions.

The thought of a hurricane has not stopped tourists from coming to Jamaica.

That is because most hotels, especially all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica, have hurricane guarantee programs where guests are given a return-free vacation if a hurricane passes while staying at their hotel.

But you should always be on the lookout for hotel discounts around this time because most hotels offer up to 50% discounts on your accommodations.

It is always good to call and check with your hotel and also our international airports to find out the best way to prepare before you come to Jamaica.

Storm in Jamaica

Storms in Jamaica should be taken as serious as a hurricane. Storm season is the same period as hurricane season

If you plan on spending most of your time outdoors, the first and the last month during the storm season is usually the calmest. August, September, and October are the months that tropical storm usually arrives.

Storms are not that frequent to Jamaica like Haiti, Cuba, and Mexico.  

Rainy Season | Jamaica Weather

Hurricane Season In Jamaica

Jamaica, known for our sunny climate, does experience its fair share of rain. But who will complain? It has led to our green and beautiful surroundings.

Jamaica experiences the most rain in May, June, October and November. On some occasions, the rain continues to December.

Port Antonio, Kingston , Ocho Rios , Montego Bay and Negril are places that are known to receive quite a bit of relief rainfall from the mountains right throughout the year.

Kingston and Port Antonio receives their rainfall from the Blue Mountains from time to time.

When it does rain in Jamaica, it does not rain hard and only for short periods like 10 to 30 minutes. Some 78 inches (almost 2 meters) of rain fall every year.

These sprouts are followed by bright sunshine suitable for outdoor activities almost immediately.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Jamaica?

Best Time To Visit Jamaica

Before I tell you when is the best time to visit Jamaica based on weather conditions, let us take a look at the monthly climate of Jamaica.

Here is a brief summary of the weather in Jamaica for each month.


January has an average high temperature of 82.3 °F and a low of 74 °F. You can expect to experience rain about ten days of the month. Overall, the weather is cooler than February and December.


This is the last and warmest month of the winter season. Temperatures sometimes reach as high as 85 °F. This is also the best winter month as it relates to sunshine and limited rainfall.


March is the perfect month to travel. You should expect only seven to nine days of rainfall, and this usually occur closer to the end of the month.

March has a high tropical warm weather of 84 °F and a low of 75 °F. March is when our spring official begins.


April is also a great month to travel. The weather is warmer than March with a high of 85 °F and a low of 77 °F. This is a better month as it relates to rainfall because you only have a 31 % chance of rainfall.

Expect most of the rainy days during the Easter holidays (second week of April).


May is not the best time to travel in spring time. Usually half the month will experience rainfall. On the other hand, expect high temperatures of 87 °F and a low of 78 °F. May is also known as a windy month with cool temperatures in the morning and warm humidity throughout the days.


Summer is here, and the hurricane season begins. June is a much better month to travel than May as it relates to rainfall.

Temperatures go as high as 90 °F and a low of 80 °F.


July is the best summer month because of only a 30 % chance of rainfall with warmer temperatures than June. The statistics show 30%, but I can’t remember experiencing 1/3 of any July with rainfall.

Come experience a high temperature of 90 to 92 °F.


August is the warmest summer month with temperatures well over 90 °F and a low temperature 80 °F. The lowest temperature in August is the highest temperature for most months.


September is when the hurricane season is well under way. September averages 15 days of rainfall so be prepared for a lot of rainy days. Despite the rainfall, you can expect fewer crowds at the hotels and more discounts on hotel rooms as much as 50% savings.


October is known for heavy rains at the beginning and the end of the month. Sometimes rain will fall for three or four days consecutively. Temperatures will reach as high as 87 °F.


November is the last month of autumn and the first month before winter. You can begin to feel the weather change as early as the middle of the month.

Temperatures fall to a high of 84.9 °F and a low of 77 °F. Expect a lot of rainfall too especially towards the end of the month.


Believe it or not, December is the warmest winter month with a high of 85 °F and also with the most rainfall with 11 to 13 days in the month with slight rain. You will definitely feel our “warm” winters. You may need a sweater at nights, especially if rain falls.

So the best time to visit is....

Based on the information above, the best time to visit Jamaica is anywhere from December to April (otherwise known as the dry season).

During this time, the weather is at its best, and it allows you to have the best Jamaican vacation.

Visitors to Jamaica love our winters because the weather is perfect for all types of outdoor activities. December is particularly busy, and this is when the cost to travel to Jamaica is most expensive.

A word of advice, try to book your vacation at least three months in advance for special discounts that are often offered from the end of August until the end of September.

The discounts offered during this period can range from 10% for some hotels to 50% for other hotels.

September to November is not the best time to travel as the probability of rainfall is very high.

Now you know what the weather in Jamaica is like. You can also visit The Weather Channel for more information on our weather. Enjoy!

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