Travel Around Jamaica
Here Are Your Options

Travel Around jamaica

You have many options to travel around Jamaica. Air, car and sea are just a few of the options.

But which transportation is the best way of getting around Jamaica?

On this page I take a look at all the ways to travel around Jamaica, while making the best of your time here.

Travel Around Jamaica- By Air

The fastest yet most expensive way to get around Jamaica is by air.

You will arrive in Jamaica at either Norman Manley Airport in Kingston, Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, or Ian Flemming Airport in Saint Mary.

Domestic flights are accessible in Kingston, Negril, Runaway Bay, and Portland.

International Airlink operates several scheduled flights from Tinson Pen Aerodrome in Kingston to Montego Bay, but you will have to book a chartered flight from the other existing domestic airports.

Island Hoppers Helicopter Tours is one of the most admired chartered serviced used by tourists to travel around the island.

Airspeed Charter and Timar are also favourites by vacationers because of their flexibility and prices.

Don't wait until the last minute to book your domestic flights because the cost will be higher and the flights will be limited.

Travel Jamaica- Car Rental

Travel ajmaica Car Rental

Looking for adventure? Then rent a car and travel around Jamaica.

Renting a car in Jamaica is easy and only requires a few documents.

With the extensive availability of car rental companies in Jamaica, renting a car will be affordable and fun.

Island Car Rentals, Avis and Budget A Car is the three most preferred companies by tourists but there are over fifty licensed and registered car rental companies that offer rentals from scooters to mini-buses.

Rent a sports utility van (SUV) to move your way around the hills or a fuel-efficient sedan to make the long journey from Montego Bay to Portland.

When you rent a car in Jamaica, just remember that we drive on the left-hand side and a little crazy at times.

Getting Around Jamaica- Taxi

Travel Jamaica By Taxi

Relax and enjoy the scenery when you charter or ride in a route taxi.

Legal taxis (Red Licence plate) and Robot taxis (illegal) are the two types of taxi services available in Jamaica.

Chartered taxis charge higher rates than route taxis and will make fewer stops, if any, before they reach your final destination.

As soon as you approach a charted taxi, state your destination and then ask the price. Always negotiate on the price because they will pitch their highest price first. You will be surprised at the final price after your negotiation.

Want to live like a local? Take a route taxi that is cheaper; however, more stops will be made, and you won't necessarily feel more comfortable.

Remember to always ask for the cost to your destination before the taxi departs.

Travel Around Jamaica- By Public Bus

Getting Around Jamaica By Bus

The rural areas are served by mini-buses and the urban areas by Government owned buses.

The public bus transportation system has vastly improved, especially in Kingston.

In Kingston, the buses operate on a fixed schedule, and the fares are much more affordable than before.

If you have limited time to reach your destination, public transportation should be your last option, unless you choose the newly introduced express buses.

On the north coast, the alternative to a taxi is a mini-bus.

Mini-buses reach your destination faster; however, there are crowded, make frequent stops, and you will have to wait until the bus is at full capacity before it departs from the central bus station.

On the mini-buses, you will be well entertained by locals telling stories or the latest dancehall music blasting through the speakers.

Riding the mini-bus is a great way to learn Jamaican stories and the hottest reggae music.

Travel Around Jamaica- Express Shuttle Bus

Jamaica Express Bus Service

Shuttle buses will allow you the privilege of travelling in comfort and style. Currently, the routes for express buses include Kingston, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril (in that order).

Knutsford Express offer routes for the major north coast tourist areas. These buses are extremely comfortable with air conditioning, television, drinking water and a bathroom.

Each route will cost US$17. So from Kingston to Ocho Rios or Montego Bay to Negril the cost is US$17. Departing from Kingston to Montego Bay or Ocho Rios to Negril is US$34 (two routes).

You can make your reservations online, on the telephone or at the central locations.

South Coast Express is another alternative, but it only travels from Kingston to Negril non-stop at a small cost of US$25 (one-way).

Journey Around Jamaica- Sightseeing Bus

Jamaica Sightseeing Bus

Jamaica is an island that is filled with great scenery. There is no better way to take advantage of the scenery by hiring a guided tour bus to take you anywhere around the island.

Guided tours are informational as the driver will drive and talk at the same time (they are trained to do that).

No stops will be made unless you request one.

Jamaica Union of Travellers Association (J.U.T.A.) and J.C.A.L. tours are the preferred companies that are used for sightseeing tours.

Take A Trip- Motorcycle

Travel Jamaica By Motorcycle

If you are planning to stay in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay or Negril, renting a motorcycle should be one of your options.

Motorcycles are common on the north coast; especially in the “towns” where all the attractions are nearby.

Scooters, mopeds, bicycles and motorcycles can be rented daily or weekly. Rental rates will vary from US$40 to US$70 per day.

Negril's long stretches of roads make it easy and safe to ride a scooter from your hotel to one of the many attractions in the town.

Take A Tour Around Jamaica - By Sea

Travel jamaica By Sea

Not as trendy as your other options, but travelling around Jamaica by sea is fun and relaxing.

Charter a boat or a luxurious yacht, and experience sightseeing at its best, have a small party, or do some fishing while getting around Jamaica.

If you’re staying at any Sandals or Beaches Resorts, experience their Catamaran cruise that is filled with fun, excitement, drinks and food.

When you travel by boat in Jamaica, you are outside looking in to one of the most beautiful island in the world.

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