Tourist Attractions In Jamaica
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Tourist Attractions In Jamaica

The tourist attractions in Jamaica are so plentiful that it would literally take you years to visit all of them.

The beaches, the museums, the parks, the waterfalls, the nightclubs and the communities are just a handful of the Jamaican attractions that you can choose from.

Climb Dunns River Falls or spend the day at Bob Marley Museum. Shop for souvenirs at Taj Mahal in Ocho Rios or go hiking in Blue Mountain in Kingston. Dance the night away at Fiction Nightclub or having a few drinks at a local pub.

Choosing your top tourist attractions in Jamaica before you arrive will save you time and money. Below is a list of categories of the most popular tourist attractions in Jamaica.


Travel Tours In Jamaica

Tours give you the best chance to explore the beautiful island of Jamaica. Sightseeing, marine, agricultural and water tours are just a few tours offered by several tour companies all over the island.

Bob Marley museum, White River Rafting, Appleton Estate Rum, All-Inclusive Day Pass, Dunns River Falls, and Blue Mountain Bicycle Tour are just a few of the notable tours.

Tourist Attractions In Jamaica- Beaches

Nice Beach In Jamaica

Jamaica has several of the top beaches in the world. From crowded beaches to secluded beaches, the beaches in Jamaica are like none other.

Even though Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril are the popular beach destinations, other parts of Jamaica are famous for great beaches too.

Don’t leave without visiting Doctor’s Cave Beach, Frenchman’s Beach, Reggae beach or Seven Mile Beach.


Beautiful Garden In Jamaica

Ocho Rios, the garden parish, is a prime example of the gardens that Jamaica offers.  Visit the hundreds of gardens in Jamaica and experience our flowers, fauna and trees.

Notable gardens include Bath Botanic Gardens, Castleton Gardens, Coyaba River Garden, and Shaw Park Gardens.


Harmony Hall Art Gallery Ocho Rios

Art galleries and fashion galleries are just two of the many types of galleries in Jamaica. The admission to most galleries is minimal to nothing.

Regardless of where you are in Jamaica, there is a gallery nearby. So schedule a few hours or an entire day to visit of few galleries.

Cultural Events

Boys and Girls Championship Jamaica

Local festivals, reggae concerts and agricultural shows are just a few of the events that showcase our culture. Reggae Sumfest, an international Reggae show, is responsible for attracting tens of thousands of patrons to Montego Bay for the weekend.

We also have events that celebrate our independence, food, music, art and lifestyle.

Check out my events page so that you are aware of the upcoming events and enjoy early-bird discounts.

Tourist attractions In Jamaica- Museums

Bob Marley Jamaican Museum

Jamaica is not short of museums. A trip to a museum is the best way to learn our culture.

Bob Marley Museum is not the only museum in Jamaica. There are other well-known museums and community museums all over Jamaica such as People’s Museum of craft and Technology, Hanover Museum, and Reggae Xplosion.

Read more on museums-Tourist Attractions in Jamaica

Historical Sites

Historical Site Port Royal

There is no way that you can visit all of Jamaica’s historical sites in a week.

Spend a day at Port Royal, where pirates once rule and was known as the richest and wickedest city in the world.

Downtown Kingston is home to many historical buildings and important landmarks that will forever be apart of our past, present and future.


Jamaican Carnival Dancing

Carnival lovers will enjoy what Jamaica has to offer. Even though soca parties are held almost every weekend in Jamaica, April is the best month for carnivals.

Ensure that you order your costumes early because they go fast.

Casino/Gaming machines

Casinos In Jamaica

Casinos will soon be available in Jamaica, but in the meantime you can enjoy any of the game lounges all over the island.

These gaming lounges offer entertainment, food, drinks and fun.

Spend a few dollars at Treasure Hunt or Acropolis locations island wide.


A Community in Jamica

Thousands of tourists choose Jamaica as a vacation destination because of the communities on the island.

Every community in Jamaica is similar yet different. Every community has their own way of life such as culture, food, entertainment and everyday living.

Movie Theatre

Watch A Movie In Jamaica

Watch the latest movies before you get back home. Learn how we interact at the movies, and if you have the opportunity, please watch a local film at our theatres.

Thanks to Carib Theatre, Palace Cineplex and Palace Multiplex, you can watch the latest movies the same time as your friends back home.


Jamaican Horse Racing

On Sundays, horse racing is huge in Jamaica. Caymanas Race Track in Portmore is the place to be on a Sunday afternoon.

 Try your luck and bet on a horse. You will be surprised how lucky you can be.

Tourist attractions In Jamaica- Zoos

Family Time At The Zoo

Jamaican animals are unique. Bring the family out and learn about the animals in Jamaica. We have snakes, lions, tigers, goats, birds and many more.

The main attraction at these zoos is usually the national bird of Jamaica, the Humming Bird.

Entrance fees are low so make it a family event.


Nightlife and Partying Jamaican Style

No we don’t only play dancehall and reggae music at our nightclubs.

Just be prepared to party all night at a Jamaican nightclub. Doors open at 9pm but the party starts at 1am until 7am. Depending on the nightclub that you chose, dancehall and reggae music will dominate.

Dance the night away at Margaritaville, Fiction Nightclub, Quad Nightclub, Amnesia, and Club privilege.

Shopping Malls/ Plazas

Island Village Shopping mall

Shopping is an important part of your vacation experience.

All our major shopping malls have a few local stores, as well as, a few duty-free shops. Enjoy the financial benefits when you save up to 50% when you shop at our duty-free stores.

Food Market/Farmer's Markets

Food Market In Jamaica

A food market is the best place to buy Jamaican food such as fruits and ground provision at a discounted price.

It is best to buy in bulk, that way you will realise the real savings. Take advantage of our “taste and buy” system. Try our Mangoe, apple, pear, grapes and cherries.


Relaxing Spa In Negril Jamaica

Whether you visit a spa at your hotel or on the mall, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy professional manicures, pedicures and massages with local products.  

The spas at the hotels will charge twice the amount than other spas on plazas and shopping malls.

Whichever one you choose, don’t depart from Jamaica without luxurious relaxation.

Tourist Attractions In Jamaica- Rivers

Jamaican River

Have you had enough of the beach and the sand? Then spend a day at river.

A local will be quick to tell you that a day on a river is more exciting than a day at the beach. Rivers are relaxing, and some are even known to have special water that heals pain and muscle tension.

Most rivers are secluded with local dishes and drinks available at nearby shops.

Great Houses

Rose Hall Great House

If you like museums, then you will love great houses.  Rose Hall Great House and Good Hope Great House are just two of the many that can be found on the north coast.

There is always a mystery behind this type of tourist attraction, and you will definitely leave with something new.


Sporting Event In Jamaica

Have you ever heard of a tall athlete who goes by the name of Usain Bolt? Jamaica has produced the top three fastest men of all time.

Not only is Jamaica known for athletics but also cricket, soccer, swimming and badminton.

Athletic events such as Jamaican Championships and Boys and Girls High School Championships are responsible for attracting thousands of visitors to Jamaica to witness the young stars.

The best way to enjoy all the tourist attractions in Jamaica is to make a list of the top places and things to do before you arrive here.

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