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The Jamaica Observer is the first and only full coloured newspaper publication in Jamaica.

The newspaper started in 1993 by The Hon. Gordon Butch Stewart as a weekly publication but soon popularity grew for the newspaper and by the second year of operation, The Observer was being printed daily.

This newspaper is most popular among working-class people because of the affordable cost of only JA$50 which is approximately US$0.65.

The Jamaica Observer

The popularity of this newspaper has grown significantly because of a daily cartoon by famous cartoon creator Clovis. Clovis will draw identical cartoons of public figures with a sense of humour.

The Jamaica Observer is more known for Clovis’s cartoons than any other feature. That is not to discredit the fact that the Jamaica Observer publishes informative and well researched information daily.

Today, the Jamaica Observer has the most interactive and technologically advanced online presence as a newspaper in Jamaica.

Jamaica Observer Online

I love the new online version of the Jamaica Observer so much that I hardly buy the hard copy anymore. All the major headlines are found online as well as breaking news.

Perhaps what is most entertaining about this technological advancement are the comments that readers make to each article. You will find as many as 100 comments on an article on any given day.

Similarly, to The Daily Gleaner, The Observer can be found in all Jamaican airports, majority of hotels, most stores and on every street corner. You hardly find someone selling The Gleaner and not The Observer.

Besides the regular news, sports, entertainment and weather report, you will also find special features every day.

Jamaica Observer All Woman


The All Woman feature focuses on the lifestyle of women and also offers a wealth of information on health, sex, relationships, achievements and employment.


Tuesdays are for teens. The Teen Observer shines the spotlight on teens in Jamaica. This feature highlights achievements, education and entertainment. Another great Tuesday feature is The Study Centre which is a compilation of exam questions that will better assist students to study for their exams.


Wednesday is the day for all business enthusiasts. The Wednesday paper, also known as The Business Observer, is the number-one publication for persons interested in money, finance, savings and investing in Jamaica.

Skip through a few pages and find your daily business news, data and investor's guide here.

Jamaica Observer


Enjoy the Life series that focuses on food and beverages across the island.

Learn about the latest Jamaican recipes and drink mixes.

Life series is a must for all tourists to the island of Jamaica. Please ensure that you try at least three Jamaican drink mixes before you return home.

Caribbean Business Report


Caribbean Business is similar to the Business series on Wednesdays but on a wider scale. Read the latest happenings as it relates to business in Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Bahamas, Antigua and the rest of the Caribbean.

Are you planning to invest in the Caribbean? Buy your Friday paper today.


On Saturdays, tune into Under The Dryer and Buy Me. Under The Dryer takes an inside look at barber shops, beauty salons and spas all across Jamaica.

The fashion industry in Jamaican is not as celebrated as it should be. Buy Me Guide takes an inside look at the stores and fashion designs offered by Jamaicans.

Sunday Jamaica Observer


If you have one day to sit and read the Jamaica Observer, that day should be on a Sunday. Sunday is the day Jamaicans relax and read. I guess that is the reason why the Sunday paper has so much information on this day.

The Sunday Observer is packed with enough information that will keep you occupied for the entire Sunday afternoon and possibly a few days in the week.

Special publications include Career and Education, The Agenda, Finance, Classifieds, Life Tributes and Style.

Expect to pay only twice the price for the Sunday Observer as you would be The Daily Jamaica Observer.

The Sunday Observer is the most popular publication but as far as it relates to weekdays, it really depends on your interests.

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