Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort
Located In The Heart of Ocho Rios

Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort is one of the most popular and affordable all-inclusive resorts in Ocho Rios.

There are three Sunset Beach Resorts in Jamaica, so I wanted to find out what exactly made Sunset Ocho Rios so admired among locals and tourists.

So I decided to spend a weekend at Sunset Jamaica Grande Ocho Rios Resort, Spa and Conference Center.

Follow me as I review my weekend at Sunset Jamaica Grande hotel in the wonderful resort town of Ocho Rios. Fortunately, I was not alone as seven friends decided to take the journey with me.


As we approached the entrance of the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort, I began to remember all those weeks before that we had planned to have the best time of our lives.

When we entered the main lobby, we were greeted with a glass of fruit punch before proceeding to the front desk.

The front desk clerks were amazing. They took time out to answer our questions, always smiled and were very helpful.

Early arrival is important because you will have a better chance of getting a room upgrade (we got an upgrade!).

I like the fact that there is a guest service area separate from the front desk because sometimes the front desk agents are very occupied with arrivals and departures.


Our rooms were located on the North Tower.

If you are vacationing as a couple, the Beachfront cabana rooms are the best. They were recently renovated and include the latest and best room accessories. Plus these rooms are very close to the pool and beach.

My room was on the north tower 7th floor and had all the basic amenities such as coffee maker, air conditioner, iron, ironing board, and kettle and so on.

The bathroom was the highlight of the room. The bathroom had a more luxurious look than the bedroom. I felt the bedroom was very basic and comfortable.

But we weren't expecting much because we only spent US$142 per night (slow season rate) for two persons and we booked the standard rooms.

This price was actually a 76% discount from the original price. The regular price in high season would be anywhere from US$500 to US$600 per night.

Remember that September to the middle of December is considered the slow season in the hotel industry in Jamaica.

What I loved about the room was that it was dirt-free. I worked in room’s division for five years, and I checked the room and it was very clean.

A spotless room is more important than luxury items in a room.


The buffet will be your number-one choice throughout your vacation, especially for breakfast. You can choose from the two grills for lunch, and I recommend a specialty restaurant for dinner.

Breakfast begins at 7am, and I recommend that you get there as soon as possible. Anytime after the 8am, the buffet line will be packed, and you may be short on a few items and have to wait for the staff to refill the item.

When the grill opened at 11am, and we ate cheese burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches and fries.

This grill was limited in menu and only had cheese burgers, hot dogs, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Luckily, for us, the lines were not long at the grill because of the occupancy.

For the weekend, the average occupancy was only 50%, which is perfect because I have been here at 100% occupancy and going to the grill is like waiting in line to go for a ride at Six Flags.

The buffet offered a wide variety of lunch, so there was something for everyone.

I tried the chicken pasta because I eat Jamaican cuisine everyday so this weekend, we decided upon a change. No Jamaican food for the weekend.

My promise lasted only a few hours as by dinner time, we were eating jerk chicken with rice and peas.

For speciality restaurants, you will need to make reservations like a day before. There are three specialty restaurants offering three cuisines: Asian, Italian and Caribbean.

Reservations are needed to dine at these restaurants usually a day in advance.

La Diva, the Italian restaurant, was the highlight of the entire mini vacation. We went to dinner all dressed up.

We all enjoyed the appetizer, the entree and the dessert. Not one single complain of the quality or the quantity of the food.

Call the hotel before you make your booking because not all the restaurants might be open on your vacation days. The weekend is the best time to travel because all restaurants are available.

When the occupancy is low, only two specialty restaurants and one grill will be open.


Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort has eight bars to choose from so you are guaranteed beverages for the entire day. All the bars are within close proximity to each other so if it takes long to get a drink you can just run across to the next one.

Don’t be afraid to try the drink’s mix of the day. Remember that the drinks are unlimited so you can drink as much as you want.

We headed for the bar immediately after checking in order to have a nice cold alcoholic beverage. I ordered a mud slide, and it was amazing.

Great people and nice drink, my weekend started off better than expected.


Sunset Jamaican Grande Resort has the advantage of having a 1,300 foot beach which is the longest in Ocho Rios. The pictures of Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort are proof.

At the front desk, you will be given a token for your beach towel. Keep your beach towel close by because you will need to return your beach towel card at the front desk at the end of your stay or face a $15 fine.

You can lay down and relax in a beach chair or jump in the water and enjoy as many water sports activities as you like.


We snorkeled, kayaked, rode the water bicycle and had a lot of fun on the beach.

If you decide to take children along, they will surely enjoy the water park. This hotel has one of only two water parks in the area. The one here was actually the first.

There is also a children’s section or a kid’s camp for children 12 years old and younger, so parents will have time for themselves while knowing that their child is safe and well entertained.


The club at Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort, Jamaica Mi Crazy, opened at 10pm but the entertainment staff already told us that 12am was the best time to enter because karaoke finished at 11:30pm. So we decided to head over to karaoke and sing a few songs.

Only a few persons were seated when we arrived. No one was volunteering to sing so we decided to perform two songs as a group. Those two Bob Marley songs turned into seven, and by the time we were done the room was packed.

Now it was time for the club.

The club wasn't crowded, but the music was good and the free drinks were flowing. There are themed parties every night so you are guaranteed non-stop entertainment.

We danced to some reggae, dancehall, pop and soul. The DJ was good because he played a variety of music and kept everyone entertained.

We left the club at 2am and went straight to our rooms where we fell asleep.


Transportation is always available at Sunset Jamaica Grande Ocho Rios to take you on excursions, shopping, for food or to enjoy entertainment.

The initial transportation costs are usually high so always be ready to negotiate with the drivers.

The only time that we left the hotel was to go over to Margaritaville, and that was courtesy of the free shuttle bus by the hotel.

Fun and Relaxation

Besides relaxing on the beach or the pool side, you can always visit the Aqua Azul Spa for total relaxation. They offer all services imaginable from massages and hair dressing, to facials, manicures and pedicures.

The Spa is spacious and very comfortable. We went there because we received a $35 coupon courtesy of (thank you).

Even though we could not find the service that we wanted for $35, the coupon did go a far way with our $50 and $60 massages.

Meeting Rooms and Weddings

If your wedding includes the beach, Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort is the ideal location. The landscape of the property makes it suitable for picture backdrops.

Wedding packages start as low as US$700 and can be planned for any size group, whether the occasion is for a large traditional wedding or beach side affair.

Sunset Jamaica Grande has one of the largest meeting areas in Jamaica. They have more than 30,000 square feet of space that can cater to small, medium-sized and large meetings, as well as, conferences and conventions.


1. The Italian restaurant: The service was just as good as the food.

2. The overall service: The staffs were great.

3. We were kept entertained all weekend by the staff and guests. The property is so huge that on the east side you would think that this was an adult only property and on the west side it was all about parents and children.

4. We had some minor problems with the Photoshop; however, the issue was resolved before we departed.

5. The price for the vacation: Eight of us went and we only paid $142 each for the weekend. The regular high season price of $592 would be worth it for the entire vacation but not for the room we got.

If you are going to spend $500 plus at this resort, you might as well spend an extra $20 per night to upgrade to a much better room.

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