Nine Mile Jamaica
A Taste of Bob Marley

Nine Mile Jamaica is one of the top cultural tours on the north coast.

Visiting this small town is a priority for all tourists, particularly cruise ship passengers from Ocho Rios, Falmouth and Negril.  

Nine Miles is a tiny town in St. Ann where Bob Marley was born, and fittingly, the last place he was laid to rest.

Although Bob Marley moved to Kingston to advance his music career, he would often return to Nine Miles to get away from the fast pace life of Kingston.

Home is where the heart is and Bob Marley wrote several of his hit songs when he was in St. Ann.

Nine Miles Jamaica was always his home and to have the full experience of Bob Marley; you will have to visit this town.

The Tour

A tour of this settlement will leave you with a greater understanding of the legend Bob became; in fact, the community today is pretty much how it was in Bob Marley's early days.

A Rastafarian tour guide will be on hand to guide you around the property and answer all your questions. Everyone who goes on this tour talks about "Captain Crazy" the fabulous tour guide.

You will have the opportunity to view the room he slept in, and the pillow on which he often would relax on and find inspiration to write his songs. Quite a few guests have said that they have felt the presence of Bob Marley.

Don't be surprised if you see Rastafarians smoking marijuana on Bob Marley's residence. The tour guide will be quick to tell you that marijuana is illegal, so if you smoke, it is at your own risk.

The Nine Mile Jamaica Tour also includes his birth place, what he liked to do, and Mount Zion, the spot where he drew his inspiration from to write his songs.

Visit the nearby Ethiopian church where his body was laid to rest with his guitar. Please remove your shoes before you enter as a sign of respect. Feel free to look around.

After the tour of Bob Marley's museum, walk around the community and experience the feeling of the community that influenced the reggae superstar. Mingle with the people of the village, especially the children.

There is also a nice cafe at the top of the Hill, and nearby you will find a small hotel called Wailers Hotel.

The cost to go on the tour might seem pricey for some persons but this is a once in a life time experience.

In February, big festivities are held throughout the month to celebrate reggae month and the birth date of Bob Marley, February 6, is a huge celebration in the entire village.

Remember, Nine Mile is not a spot or about any one person, it is a community.

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