Negril Beach
Negril's Best Attraction

Negril beach Jamaica

Negril beach serve as the main attraction for thousands of tourists every year to this resort location.

The world’s famous Seven Mile Beach stands out as the most popular beach in Negril, but there are a few other relaxing beaches in this resort town.

Negril beach is popular because of the several types of beaches, which include private, public and nude beaches.

Majority of the beaches are occupied by resorts, hotels and guest houses, but there are still enough beaches for everybody.

Activities are many from glass-bottom boat rides and snorkelling to playing cricket and riding jet skis.

An abundance of Jamaican food is available on the beaches in Negril from jerk stands, concession stands and restaurants.

Let us take a look at the best Negril beaches in Jamaica.

Seven Mile Beach (Negril Beach)

Seven Mile Beach Negril Jamaica

Year after year, the white sand and crystal-clear water captivate tourists worldwide. This beach has been featured on The Travel Channel as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

The number-one rated beach in Jamaica, Seven Miles Beach, is actually only seven kilometres, not miles, but there are enough sand and water for everybody.

Seven Mile Beach is famous for couples walking the beach barefoot while having a Jamaican drink in hand. You can stop occasionally at a food shop or just to chat with other tourists or locals.

Don’t worry about food because there are a few food stands, restaurants and bars as you stroll along on this beautiful beach.

Bloody Bay Beach

Bloody bay Beach Negril

Wondering where Bloody Bay Beach got its name from? Don’t lose sleep; it’s not what you think.

Bloody Bay is a public beach located beside Breezes Resort in Negril. This is one of the livelier beaches in Negril with daily activities, a bar and a restaurant.  

This beach has a good attendance but is known for extremely large crowds during public holidays.

Mainly, locals visit this beach, so during the holiday time; this beach will be crowded.

Long Bay Beach Park

Long Bay Beach Park

Located on the northern side of Seven Mile Beach, Long Bay Beach is less crowded than Bloody Bay.

You will have to pay a little fee to enter. The small fee is worth the entrance because this beach is nice and clean and fit for relaxation.

Play in the sand, relax in a lounge chair, have a drink in the bar or dine in the restaurant.

Long Bay Beach is perfect for family outings and persons wishing to have more privacy than Seven Mile Beach or Bloody bay Beach.

Negril Cliffs

Negril Cliffs

Not quite a beach, but the cliffs in Negril have enough excitement and water to qualify.

Negril cliffs are only for the brave at heart. The cliffs in Negril serve as another reason so many persons vacation in the town.

Negril is famous for cliff divers but please do so at your own risk. The most popular spot is the Ricks Cafe located at the West End of Negril.

You will find a large group of tourists here at any given time during the day.

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