Museums In Jamaica
Pieces of the Past

Museums In Jamaica

The museums in Jamaica offer an inside into the history of Jamaican culture.

Long gone are the days when they were seen as “boring” and not a part of the vacation package.

Today, a vacation in Jamaica is not complete without a trip to at least one museum on the island.

Find out why you must visit one and where you can find the best Jamaican museums around town.

Why Visit A Jamaican Museum?

Jamaica Museums

After a visit to any one of our museums, you will have a better understanding of why Jamaica is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

The Arawaks, the Spaniards, the British, the Chinese, the Indians and the Africans have all influenced our culture, traditions, customs and beliefs.

Our museums in Jamaica showcase a glimpse of the past of art, music, currency, natural history and fashion.

In past times, locals and foreigners shun the idea of going to a museum because they either felt it was not worth the visit or was not entertaining enough.

Today you will find many tourists and locals travelling to the various museums to educate themselves on Jamaican history and to put together pieces from the past.

Jamaican Museums

Most persons visit museums on the weekend when they have a few hours to spear.

However, the attendance is not close to the level it should be especially when the entrance fees are as low as going to the beach.

The majority of museums in Jamaica can be found in Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. Traveling around Jamaica you will find smaller community museums that contain a rich history of the community and its surroundings.

For the most part, cameras are not allowed inside these museums but what you will see will surely be a apart of you forever.

Below I have provided a list of all the registered museums and galleries in Jamaica.

List of Museums In Jamaica

Port Royal Museum


  • African Museum,12 Ocean Boulevard, (876) 922-4793

  • Antiquarian & Trading Co, 30 Hope Road, 926-8778
  • The Art Gallery, Wyndham, New Kingston, 960-8939
  • The Artisan, Soverign Shopping Center, 978-3514
  • Bob Marley Museum, 56 Hope Rd., 927-9152
  • Bolivar Book/Gallery, 1 D Grove Road, 926-8799
  • Chelsea Galleries, 12 Chelsea Ave, 929-0045
  • Coins and Notes Museum, Ocen Blvd, Bank of Jamaica Building, 922-0750
  • Contemporary Art Center, 1 Liguanea Ave, 927-9958
  • Folk Musical Instrument Exhibition
  • Fort Charles Maritime Museum, Port Royal
  • Four Corners Gallery, 7 W. Arcadia Ave, 929-2846
  • Frame Art, 7 Belmont Rd, 926-5014
  • Frame Center Gallery, 10 Tangerine Place, 926-4644
  • Gallery Pegasus, Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, 926-3690
  • The Garden Gallery, 1 Mannings Hill Rd, 925-2272
  • Geology Museum
  • Hi Qo Spanish Court Shop, 19 Spanish Court, 926-4183
  • Institute of Jamaica, 12-16 East St, 922-0620
  • Jamaica Defence Force Museum (Military Museum), Up Park Camp, 962-2548
  • Medallion Galleries, 12 Nance Pen, 923-9010
  • Mutual Life Gallery, 2 Oxford Rd, 929-4302
  • National Gallery of Art, 12 Ocean Blvd, 922-1561
  • National Museum of Historical Archaeology, Port Royal, 922-0620-6 or 948-8116
  • Olympia International Art Center, 202 Old Hope Road, 927-1608
  • Patoo, Constant Spring Rd, Upper Manor Park Plaza......924-6602
  • The Wander, Queensway, 926-6071
  • Zoology Museum, U.W.I, 927-1202

Montego Bay

  • Bay Gallery, Glouscester Ave, 952-7668
  • Gallery of West Indian Art, 1 Orange Lane, 952-4547
  • Greenwood Great House Museum, Border of St. James, 953-1077
  • Heaven’s Art Gallery, 1 Church Lane, 952-2852
  • Muriel Chandler, caribactic Rock Wharf, 954- 3314
  • Things Jamaican, Montego Bay Airport, 952-1936
  • Things Jamaican, 44 Fort St, 952-5605


  • Gallery Hoffstead, Plaza de Negril, 957-3015
  • Geraldine Robins, West End Rd, Not Listed

Ocho Rios

  • Beautiful Memories, 9 Island Plaza, 974-2374
  • Bibi's Collectibles, Ocean Village Shop Center, 974-5155
  • Columbus Park , Queens Highway, Discovery Bay, 973-2135
  • Coyaba Gardens and Museum, Shaw Park Ridge Area, 974-6235
  • No Problem Gallery, Taj Mahal Shop Center, 974-7559
  • Gallery Joe James, Rio Bueno, 954-0046
  • Harmony Hall, P.O. Box 192, 975-4222
  • Seville Great House and Heritage Park, St. Anns Bay, 876-972-2191

Port Antonio

  • Carriacou Mocking Bird, 993-7267 or 993-7134


  • Bill Laurie’s Steak House & Museum

Spanish Town

  • Archaeological Museum, Spanish Town Square
  • Jamaican Peoples Museum of Craft and Technology, Old Kings Hse Sq, SpTn, Jamaica .....907-0322
  • White Marl Arawak Museum, Spanish Town

You will notice that not all of the museums and galleries have telephone numbers. Once you are in the respective town don't be afraid to ask a local for directions.

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