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Montego Bay Jamaica weather information is beneficial to all tourists, especially if you are vacationing on the north coast.

Whether you plan to vacation in Montego Bay or not, you will still need to know the weather forecast because this is the main gateway to Jamaica for tourists.

On this page I have provided information on Montego Bay Jamaica weather conditions that you can expect to experience while on the north coast.

Before we look at the seasons in Montego Bay, let us look at the overall climate in Mobay.

Montego Bay °F
Average 80
January 77
February 77
March 78
April 80
May 80
June 82
July 82
August 82
September 82
October 82
November 80
December 78

In the early morning, from about 6 am, the temperature is slightly cold. As it approaches 10 am, the temperature starts to feel warmer. The afternoon to evening is the hottest. The nights are very cool with little or no rainfall.

Rain is popular in Montego Bay during the hurricane season, which is between May to November.

September tends to be the month with the most rainfall followed by August, July and June.

Montego Bay averages a high of 86°F and a low of 75°F throughout the year. These temperatures are pretty good for taking a vacation and getting away from the cold.

Montego Bay Jamaica Weather- Spring (March, April and May)

Weather In Montego Bay

Spring is immediately before summer and this is the time of the year when the temperature begins to get warmer. As it relates to weather and money, this is a good time to travel to Montego Bay.

The hotels have such good discounts during these months that you will find it hard to refuse coming here in spring.

During spring, the average temperature is 79 °F.

At nights, you can feel the tropical weather in Montego Bay Jamaica when temperatures drop as low as 75 °F.

As far as rainfall, March and April are the best months for traveling in Montego Bay primarily because there is little or no rainfall.

When the month of May approaches, the chances of experiencing rainfall will triple the chances of rain falling in May when compared to March and April.

Overall travelling to Montego Bay in the spring is a good idea. The sea temperature is lowest in spring time, even lower than winter.

Summer Weather In Montego Bay Jamaica (June, July and August)

Montego Bay Weather Jamaica

The months of July and August are when you experience the best summer weather in Montego Bay.

Even though these months fall within the rainy season, you will hardly experience any rainfall and when the rain does fall it will only be for a few minutes because in Mobay, the sun is always shining.

Besides, the rain that falls during this time is really just cooling you off.

If you plan to travel to Montego Bay in the summer, and you want to avoid as much rainfall as possible, visit in July.

At nights, temperatures will reach s high as 88 °F and as low as 77 °F in the nights. This is the best weather for outdoor activities and enjoying your vacation.

Don't worry about the temperature being too hot because the average temperature is really about 81 °F.

Montego Bay Jamaica Weather- Autumn (September, October and November)

If anyone tells you that autumn is the best time to travel to Jamaica it must be because of the low prices on flights and the heavily discounted hotel rooms because you should expect a lot of rainfall.

You should look ahead to 15 days of rain in September, 17 days of rain in October and only 12 days of rain in November. So if you are thinking of travelling to Montego Bay in autumn, it is best to travel in November.

In September, expect a little more sunshine than October and November, but November is still the best time to travel. November is the last month of our hurricane season and by this time, the rain would have subsided.

The months of October and November are slightly cooler than September. You should expect a high temperature of 82 °F in October and November and 84°F in September.

Montego Bay Jamaica Weather- Winter (December, January and February)

December, January, February and March are the “coldest” months averaging 77 °F.

For an average of 77 °F, many travellers from around the world would find this temperature “perfect “for outdoor activities.

December and January are the “coolest” winter months. Ocho Rios and Negril are famous for rain during these months.

February is the best month to travel to Jamaica and avoid the rainfall in Montego Bay. In February, you will be exposed to fewer rainy days when compared to the other winter months.

In winter, you should expect temperatures to fall to at least 72 °F at nights but stay warm at 82 °F throughout the days.

Believe it or not but December is the warmest month during the winter time followed by February than January.

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