18 Free Maps of Jamaica
Your Local Travel Guide

Here is a collection of the best maps of Jamaica that you will need whenever you visit.

Jamaica is a beautiful country that has so much to offer. A good map is the perfect travel guide.

Whether you are looking for a printable map, a map of Jamaica’s location or a map of a parish, you will find it on this page.

To reach these places you will need a few good Jamaican maps to assist you in finding your way around with ease.

The 18 Jamaican maps that you will find here include:

  • An outline of the island.
  • Maps of parishes and towns.
  • Detailed map of the beautiful island.
  • Road maps for those who want to do a lot of travelling.
  • Maps of popular tourist destinations such as Ocho Rios, Negril, Montego Bay and Kingston.
  • Printable Maps

Overview Jamaican Map

Overview Jamaican MapOverview Jamaican Map

This general map serves as an overview of the whole island. Its purpose is to show you an overview of the island of Jamaica.

You can clearly see the different parishes and have an idea of how close they are located.

If you look at the north coast, you will see the three main popular tourist parishes which are Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril.

To the east you have parishes like Kingston, St. Thomas and Portland.

Where is Jamaica on the map?

Which Caribbean countries surround Jamaica on a map?

Jamaica is situated in the Caribbean Sea and is surrounded by a few countries. Jamaica is located south of Cuba, west of Haiti, north of Panama and east of Mexico.

This is what Jamaica looks like on a map

Maps of Jamaica Parishes and Towns

Detailed Jamaican Maps

Downtown Kingston JamaicaDowntown Kingston Jamaica

You have to keep up to date. Interactive maps have become very popular and it is only right that I provide you with access to one.

Before you use this type of map you should have a look at the general map so that you don’t target the wrong area.

Once you find the location that you are looking for, you can zoom into that location. Use the up, down, left and right arrows to find a location on the map. You will then use (+) and (-) to zoom in and out of that location.

Select “SAT” to have a satellite view of the country as a whole or to look at a specific area. The satellite view will give you a more realistic look at what the precise area looks like.

Interactive maps are fun because of the details that they provide. You can easily zoom in for a closer look or zoom out to have an overview of a particular area.

Road Maps

Jamaican Road MapJamaican Road Map

Regardless of where you are going in Jamaica, you will need a good road map. Road maps are fashionable among locals in Jamaica. Every car has one in the glove compartment.

There are many roads in Jamaica and despite what others might tell you, you can easily get lost if you are not careful.

So to be on the safe side, carry a good road map with you.

Tourist Destination Maps

With the rise in the development of all-inclusive resorts, many tourists never leave their hotels. But then there are some who wonder what Jamaica has to offer them beyond the hotel walls.

It is only right that you at least have a map of the city that you are vacationing in. Good destination maps ( like the ones that I provide) will not only list the names of the roads and hotels in the area but also beaches, rivers, craft markets, souvenir shops, restaurants, attractions, bars, museums, hospitals, parks, post offices, libraries, schools and so on.

Here are a few good Jamaica maps of Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril and Kingston.

Printable Maps of Jamaica

Printable Map of JamaicaPrintable Map of Jamaica

Printable maps of Jamaica are fun because you can print one before you depart from your country.

With these maps, you can take them wherever you go. They usually fit on 8” x 11” paper so you won’t have any problems carrying one around.

Not in the mood to print a map? Save one on your computer or your cell phone so that you can take a look at before, during, or after you do some traveling.

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