Map of Negril Jamaica
Will Help You To Move Around The Town

Having access to a reliable map of Negril Jamaica while you’re in the town is always a good thing.

Even though Negril is a small town, there are so many things that you can do.

Here you will find two maps of Negril that will come in handy when traveling around this resort town.

Only two maps are provided because this town is not as detailed as the other resort areas in Jamaica.

Overview Map of Negril

As you will see from the map above, basically one major road takes you through the resort area of Negril.

This main road is called the Norman Manley Boulevard or “seven mile strip”.

I also mentioned that the majority of the hotels, restaurants, night spots and other attractions were located on either Norman Manley Boulevard or West End Road.

Look carefully at the map above and you will notice a few highlighted hotels such as Grand Pineapple Resort, Merril’s Beach Resort, Beachcomber Club Hotel and Legends Hotel.

This map is a bit old and does not include newer hotels such as Beaches Negril Resort, Beaches Sandy Bay, Riu Hotels and Kool Runnings Water Park.

However, as I said before, everything is on the Negril strip so as you drive along you will see quite a few hotels on one side and a few attractions on the other side.

Interactive Map of Negril

View Larger Map

My favourite road map, Shell Jamaica Road Map, surprisingly does not have an insert of Negril so the only access to a detailed and updated map of Negril is the one available by Google Maps.

Using a Google Map is pretty simple. Once you have found your location, use the (+) and (-) to zoom in and out of the location. The closer you zoom in on the map the more information the map will reveal.

The up, down, left and right arrows are used to view different sections of the map.

You can also choose between map view and satellite view. With the satellite view, you will have a more realistic look at the area.

I like the satellite view because this is the only way to see many of the hotels that all the printed maps have excluded.

Please make use of the two maps of Negril. They will take you safely through your vacation and back hassle free.

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