Map of Kingston Jamaica
You will Never Get Lost In The Capital Again

A map of Kingston Jamaica is a must if you plan to visit the capital of Jamaica at anytime during your vacation.

Unlike the resort areas of Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril, you really need a map to get around this city.

Most visitors come to Kingston to go on a tour, visit an attraction, stay at a hotel, dine at a restaurant, go shopping or attend a party.

Getting directions from a local will help you, but you are much better off with a good map of Kingston.

Kingston has a lot of major and minor roads, and if you are not careful you can get lost. If you ever need a map while in Jamaica, you will need one when you visit Kingston.

Kingston is divided into two main parts: New Kingston and Downtown.

Before we take a look at maps for these two areas, let us look at an overview map and then an interactive map of Kingston Jamaica.

Overview Map of Kingston Jamaica

Map of Kingston Jamaica

The first map is an overview of the entire Kingston area. This includes New Kingston, Downtown Kingston and its surroundings.

If you look closely you can see hotels, restaurants, attractions and the Norman Manley international Airport.

Interactive and Detailed Map of Kingston

View Larger Map

This is the best version of a detailed map of Kingston and can even be accessed from any Smartphone device.

If you don’t have a physical road map of Kingston, then this interactive map is the next-best thing.

This map by Google allows you to zoom in just enough to view your location and follow the path to your destination. Use the arrows to find your destination in Kingston.

The map becomes more detailed when you zoom in. Zoom out (-) when you want to have an overview of the area.

A detailed map such as the one above is extremely important when visiting Kingston. For those persons that want to buy a map of Kingston, visit any Shell gas station and purchase one of their road maps.

This road map is the best Kingston map available at the moment.

Map Of Downtown Kingston

Map Of Downtown Kingston

Not too many tourists will visit the Downtown Kingston area; instead, Downtown Kingston is more popular among locals for shopping.

Before you go downtown, you will need a map because most of the roads are one-way only.

On this map, you can clearly see places of interest such as Jamaica Stock Exchange, Jamaica Conference Centre, National Library, Jubilee Market and National Heroes Park.

Map of New Kingston

Map of Kingston Jamaica

Chances are that if you are staying at any of the major hotels in Kingston, then you will be staying in the New Kingston area.

There are many restaurants, night clubs, sports bars and other forms of entertainment in the New Kingston area.

If you look closely at the map, you will see famous places such as the Bob Marley Museum, Independence Park, Knutsford Court Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, Pegasus Hotel, United States Embassy and The National Stadium.

This map that I have provided for you will help you to move around this busy town more freely.

Now that I have provided you with four maps of Kingston you should be able to find your way around the city with ease. You can print the maps and take them along with you, or you can use the interactive map while on the go.

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