Kingston Jamaica Weather
Whats the Current Weather in Kingston?

Kingston Jamaica Weather
Kingston °F
Average 78
January 77
February 77
March 78
April 78
May 80
June 82
July 82
August 82
September 82
October 80
November 80
December 78

Kingston Jamaica weather is generally sunny right throughout the year.

If you want to experience any type of cold weather, that can only be found in the hills.

Where Kingston lacks for beaches, it gladly makes it up with sunshine.

The fact that Kingston is not surrounded by the Caribbean Sea is the main reason for the warm weather from January to December.

Let us explore the four seasons of Kingston Jamaica Weather.

Summer Weather In Kingston

The sunniest months are June, July and August. Half Way Tree in Kingston is known for having the hottest temperatures in Kingston. When it is hot in Kingston, it is really hot.

Summer temperatures can sometimes reach 95 °F even though the average temperature is 84. Even the nights are a bit hot in Kingston during this time of the year.

During the summer, you will find locals and tourists walking the streets of Kingston in t-shirts and short pants.

The best time to book a trip to Kingston, weather wise, is in the summer. The climate in Kingston is wonderful and there are a lot of events such as conferences, seminars, expos and parties.

Autumn In Kingston

Autumn In Kingston

Kingston is well known for showers of rainfall in September, October and November.

The last two months of autumn is when you should expect showers of rainfall.

October and November are our rainiest months.

Around autumn is when we receive one or two tropical storms or hurricane warnings.

During hurricane season, Kingston will experience days, if not weeks of sporadic rainfall.

If you are planning a trip in autumn, try for late September. September accounts for less than 10 days of rainfall.

Winter Kingston Jamaica Weather

The coolest months in Kingston are December, January and February. Every year on December 1st, you will see us Jamaicans walking around in sweaters and the visitors strolling by in short pants and sleeve-less shirts.

The winter averages, 77 °F and anything below 80 °F is cold for us but perfect for you.

In January, the temperature changes and is much warmer than December. You should expect slight showers for only a few minutes.

Most of the rainfall in Kingston is from May to October, but we tend to experience a lot of rain in December as well. During the summer months, the rain will barely fall for a few minutes.

When the rain falls in Kingston, it is usually early morning or very late at night (after 9pm). If you are an "early bird", don’t be surprised if you wake up at 6am and the rain is falling.

Rain hardly falls in the daytime. If we experience rain fall in the day, the duration is usually 5 to 15 minutes.

Spring Time In Kingston

Spring Time In Kingston

The average temperature in spring is 81 °F.

The nights are much cooler and can reach temperatures as low as 73 °F.

You will begin to experience slight showers in April. May is the month with a lot of rainfall, so if you are considering visiting Jamaica in spring time try for March or April.

The capital of Jamaica is not all about hot temperatures. The hills of Kingston are the coolest. Stony Hill and the Blue Mountains are very cold throughout the year. Cold to us Jamaicans is below 70°F.

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