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Kingston Jamaica News

Up-to-date Kingston Jamaica news is the best way to know what is going on in Jamaica.

While in the capital of Jamaica, you will find news on entertainment, fashion, finance, economics, religion and social events.

Nevertheless, not everyone who searches for news in Kingston will actually be visiting Kingston.

Most people search for news on Jamaica by searching for news in Kingston because Kingston is the Capital and the heartbeat of Jamaica.

To add to that fact, most events occur in the Capital such as sporting events, ceremonies and parties.

One particular group that is always searching for the latest news is business people.

The business people are well-liked at all the major business hotels in this busy Jamaican city. All located just walking distance from the next.

Let me tell you the best places to find the latest and most accurate Kingston Jamaica news.

At the end of this page you will find a live feed to all the current news on Kingston.


Jamaican Newspapers

The first place that I always look for Kingston's news is in the newspapers. The Jamaica Observer and The Jamaica Gleaner are the two major newspapers, and they bring a wide variety of information.

A bonus for these two newspapers is the fact that they are both established and printed in the Capital.

I must admit that I only buy the hard copy newspaper on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. However, I do read the newspapers online, and I subscribe to receive the latest news.

When I go online, I get all the hard copy news as well as the latest stories. The Jamaica Observer and The Jamaica Gleaner updates their website as soon as there is news on Jamaica.

Over the years, I realize that they both offer the latest news. I read both because sometimes one newspaper might have more details than the other. I simply subscribe to the newspapers so whenever news comes out I get it immediately.

I suggest that you subscribe, at least for the time period that you are in Kingston. You can subscribe weeks ahead so by the time you arrive in Jamaica you would have all the information that you need.

Radio Stations

There are several popular radio stations such as power 106, 92 FM, 94.5 FM and Zip 103. The radio stations will always give you breaking news and the latest developments in and around Kingston Jamaica.

A few of these radio stations also have the news available online such as RJR and News Talk 93 FM , so you can listen to Kingston's news wherever you are in the world.


Television Jamaica and CVM television are our two main television stations that broadcast news at 7pm and 8pm respectively.

The home of both stations is in Kingston, so majority of the reports are on the capital.

You can watch the morning news (7am), midday news (12pm) and the nightly news ( 7pm).

Live Feed On Kingston Jamaica News

To save you time from searching through the newspapers or waiting for the latest Kingston news on the television or the radio, I have provided you a live news feed on all the up-to-the-minute news coming out of Kingston.

Take your time and scroll through. I am sure that you will find something valuable to read.


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