Jamaican Visas
Application and Requirements

There are several types of Jamaican visas.

Whether you travel to Jamaica by sea or air, you will need at least a passport to visit Jamaica.

Before you book your cheap flights to Jamaica or your hotel room, you should find out if you are going to need a visa.

On this page, you will find information on several types of visas, so that you will have a better understanding of the documents that you will need when you are in Jamaica.

Tourist Visa

Not everyone entering Jamaica will need a visa. In fact, more persons will only need a passport or another form of photo identification to enter the island through immigration.

Jamaican Visas are issued to citizens of a country that require entry into Jamaica. Depending on where you are travelling from, you may need to have your visa before you reach Jamaica, you can make an online appointment, or on your arrival.

Employment Visa

If you want to work for the holidays, you will need a holiday work visa. For those persons that will be working other than the holidays, you will need an employment permit.

Work permits are granted by the Ministry of Labour.

Student Visa

Jamaica is a popular destination for schooling. Prior to arriving in Jamaica you will be required to identify the type of student visa you will want for your education.

Find out if you can work on your student visa, or if you need to get a work permit to work on holidays.

Choosing the Best Visa

American, Canadian and UK citizens only need a passport to visit the country as a tourist or for business. In fact, the majority of tourists require a passport but in a few countries, you will want a Jamaican temporary visitor visa or a Jamaican tourist visa.

You may require a Jamaican Business visa if you are undertaking business in Jamaica, especially for more than 30 days.

Jamaica’s location makes it the ideal hub to other countries; in fact, a few flights do connect flights through Jamaica. For this purpose, you may require a Jamaican airport transit visa. Cruise ship passengers only need a passport.

Looking for work in Jamaica?  There are many great opportunities to work in hotels, banks, real estate companies and investment companies. Whether it is a summer job or a permanent job, I will show you how to obtain a Jamaican employment visa for short-term work or a work permit for a stable job.

How about retirement? Every year more and more persons look to Jamaica as a great retirement paradise. Affordable real estate, beaches attractions, and most of all the culture, Jamaica has it all. Before you get all excited, you will need to apply for a permanent residence visa to live in Jamaica.

Jamaica Visa Entry Requirements (and supporting documents)

Depending on your location, your visa might only cost a few dollars.

The same goes for the time period that you will be given to use your visa when it is issued.

Even though the entry requirements to Jamaica are minimal, this too varies based on your location and the type of visa that you are applying for. Student and work visas require more documents than a regular Jamaican tourist visa.

Jamaican visas may be granted for several reasons, including travel, work, student, business, spouse, marriage and permanent residency.

In addition to your passport or visa, you will also need:

  • Return ticket

  • Sufficient funds for the time you will be spending in Jamaica
  • Address of family, friend or hotel that you will be staying

If you need any more information on visas or entry requirements, please contact me

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