Jamaican Drinks
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Jamaican Drinks

Like our food, Jamaican drinks will play an important role in your Jamaican experience.

Jamaica Drink

Jamaica has a wide variety of drinks ranging from natural juices and roots drinks to alcoholic beverages and roots.

However, that shouldn’t be a surprise to you since Jamaica has so many fruits and food, which is the main ingredient in our beverages.

All our drinks are widely available in hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, stores or street corners.

With a little practice, you are sure to perfect your drink making skills.

The beautiful thing about making your own Jamaican drink recipe is that you can alter the ingredients to fit your diet or your personal preference.

To give you a better understanding of Jamaican drinks, I have divided them into groups.

Homemade Natural Juices

Jamaica Homemade Juices

Vegetarians are usually the number-one consumers of homemade natural juices.

In Jamaica, we have hundreds of fruits, and each one can produce up to six different juices.

Health-conscious persons are drawn to natural drinks because of the obvious health benefits that can be derived from them.

To make your natural drinks taste even better, you can combine one or two fruits such as mango and pine.

Sugar is a common ingredient in natural drinks, but our fruits are so rich in flavour that you can do without adding any.

Popular natural juices include Carrot Juice, Sour sop, Mango Juice, Pine Juice, Apple juice, Cherry Juice, Guava Juice, Sorrel (Christmas drink) and June Plum Juice.

Bottled Drinks

Jamaican Bottled Drinks

The most common Jamaican bottled drink is Ting. Ting is made from our grapefruit and has a slight acidic base but is very rich in flavour.

Over the years, many other bottled drinks have been manufactured or distributed by Jamaican companies.

Ting and Ginger beer is two of the most well liked bottled drinks.

Children are the number-one consumers of bag and box drinks, which are available in many types of Jamaican flavours.

The price for these bottle drinks will range from J$40 to J$200; box drinks J$30 to J$70, and bag juices from J$10 to J$25.

Energy Drinks

Jamaican Energy Drinks

Energy drinks have surfaced over the last few years, and they have all entered the Jamaican market.

Energy drinks like Redbull, Monster and Nitro have made an impact on our lifestyle; however, none has made the impact like our very first locally made energy drink, BOOM.

Boom is well priced at only J$75 or US$1, which is 25 to 30 percent cost of other international energy drinks.

Men are the main consumers of these energy drinks.

Alcoholic Beverages

Jamaica Alcoholic Drinks

Your experience in Jamaica would not be complete without a nice cold alcoholic beverage. Ask the bartender to use any of our locally made rum to "whip up" a good Jamaican themed drink.

Appleton and J Wray and Nephew White Rum are the two most sought-after rums on the market, so much so that tourists always return home with at least one bottle to share with their friends and family.

If you are a beer person like me, there is Tallawah, Rumbar and the famous Red Stripe beer.

Non-Alcoholic Drink Mixes

Jamaica Non-Alcoholic Drink Mixes

Even though these Jamaican drinks can be made at home, Hotel bars are the number-one providers.

Pinacolada, Banana Daiquiri and Humming Bird are three of the most sought-after drinks at Jamaican bars.

For the most part, all non alcoholic mixes can be offered as “strong” mixes as well.


Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

There is no better way to start your mornings than with a nice hot cup of coffee. The world-renowned Blue Mountain Coffee is just one of the many coffee brands manufacture in Jamaica.

You can actually drink Blue Mountain Coffee at any time of the day. In addition to a bottle of rum, coffee makes a good souvenir for a friend.

Jamaica Roots Drinks

Jamaican Roots Drinks

Jamaican roots drinks are guaranteed to give you extra strength and much need stamina. Men are the main consumers of this Jamaican drink that has become the staple on the entertainment scenes.

The contents of these drinks remain a mystery to many.

Roots drinks are for stamina and strength, especially among men. Rastafarians are the number-one creators of this special type of Jamaican drink.

On the market, you have “Stallion Punch,” “Putting in Back,” “All Nighter,” and “Long Distance Stulla.” You pretty much get the picture by the name of the drinks (adults only).

The most common ingredient used in manufacturing these beverages is ginseng.

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