Jamaican Currency
Know The Value Of Your Money In Jamaica

How much is your money worth in Jamaican currency? That is a question that many visitors to Jamaica often ponder just before their arrival.

When you know the worth of the Jamaican dollar (JMD), you are able to budget how much money you need for your entire trip.

Here you will find information such as

  • How to easily identify the different types of Jamaican money (with pictures)
  • Jamaican currency converter.

The official currency in Jamaica is the Jamaican dollar and the currency code for Jamaican money is JMD. The symbol before the dollar figure is usually J$.

You will have to use the currency calculator below to convert Jamaican currency to US$, Canadian dollars, Euro dollars or any other currency.

Knowing the types of money in Jamaica is very important because this is likely the currency that you will be using on your vacation.

The Jamaican currency is not international so it is very unlikely that you will find Jamaican money being sold in another country.

Once you arrive in Jamaica, there are several ways to exchange your currency.

Our currency is available in coins and paper money in the following denominations:

Jamaican Coins

Jamaican Coins

On the back of all Jamaican coins you will find the Jamaican coat of arms. A different national hero is on the front of the coin.

Jamaican Currency

These features make our coins easier to identify. The $5, $10 and $20 coins are the most identifiable because of their bronze like colour.

Jamaican Paper Money

Jamaica Fifty Dollar Face
The Back of a Jamaican fifty dollar

J$50 Dollar

On the J$50 note, you will find The Rt. Excellent Samuel Sharpe on the front. If you look closely, in the centre, you will see a plant known as Morning Glory or Ipomoea.

On the back of this money, you will see a picture of Doctor’s Cave Beach or The Bank of Jamaica building. The newer notes have the B.O.J. building.

Face of Jamaican 100 dollar
Back of Jamaican 100 dollar

J$100 Dollar

Sir Donald Sangster, a former prime minister, is the face of our $100 bill. A map of Jamaica is also at the centre on the face of this bill. On the reverse side is a picture of Dunns River Falls in St. Ann.

Today the slang for J$100 is “bills” or “dolla”.

Jamaica Fifty Dollar front
Jamaica Fifty Dollar Back

J$500 Dollar

The J$500, also called the “Nanny” has The Rt. Excellence Nanny of the Maroons on the face. The symbol on this note is the Hibiscus flower.

Flip this currency around and on the back, you will see an old map of Jamaica with Port Royal highlighted.

Jamaica 1000 bill face

J$1,000 Dollar

The Hon Michael Norman Manley is featured as the key figure on this note. To the top right-hand corner of this note, you will see a butterfly.

This butterfly is called the Swallow-tailed butterfly (papilio homerus fabricius). Jamaica house, the home of the prime minister, is found on the back.

Beware of J$1,000 counterfeit money. The authentic J$1000 has a gold butterfly at the top right- hand corner of the face of the note.

Jamaica 5,000 dollar bill
Jamaica 5000 dollar bill

J$5,000 Dollar

Introduced in 2008, the J$5000 is also known as “shearer” because Rt. Honourable Hugh Lawson Shearer is the face of this Jamaican currency. On the rear side is an above ground view of Highway 2000.

You will hardly find any Jamaican carrying this bill around because of the fear of losing it or sellers not having any “change” for the bill.

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