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Jamaica Weather Report

If you are looking for the best Jamaica weather report, then you have come to the right place. In Jamaica, we have many ways to receive the latest reports from the island.

You can go online, read our local newspapers or watch our major television stations.

Here are the best ways to receive the latest and most accurate reports on Jamaican weather.


In Jamaica, newspapers are easily accessible. You will find them in almost every store and on every street corner throughout the island.

In all our newspapers, even the not so popular ones, you will find credible Jamaican weather reports.

I find that The Jamaica Gleaner, and The Jamaica Observer offers the best detailed and accurate weather reports when compared to the other newspapers.


For those persons without access to the hardcopy newspapers, you can get updates on your mobile phone by visiting Go-Jamaica weather or Jamaica Observer weather.

On the Go-Jamaica.com weather report, you will have access to seven-day reports for all the parishes in Jamaica. You will also find a map of Jamaica so you can view any hurricanes or storms heading our way.

There is also a live satellite feed and minute by the minute update of weather happenings right across the island. They also have a link to radio stations with frequent weather updates.

Another online newspaper that you should visit is www.jamaicaobserver.com. Even though this website is not as detailed as go-jamaica.com, the information that you will find here is still very useful.

You will find a satellite map report on Kingston, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril, Spanish Town, Port Antonio, Black river and Falmouth.

My personal online choice of the two is go-Jamaica.com because of the detail and the minute by minute updates.


The most popular way that Jamaicans are updated on weather is when we watch the daily Jamaican weather report on any of our two major television stations.

In fact, once you have access to the Internet, you can watch the weather report on their online channels.

The first Jamaica weather report that is aired on television is by Television Jamaica (TVJ). Television Jamaica weather report airs approximately 7:45pm nightly and ends around 8pm.

In this report, you will know the daily forecast for the parishes, and the island as a whole. You will also know the forecast for countries close to Jamaica.

If you want to know the forecast for the week, you will also find that information here.

The next major station is CVM television. Their weather report starts at around 8:45pm.

CVM television basically reports the similar information as TVJ. So if you missed the report at 7:45, you can watch this report.

CVM television will also report the forecast for the morning, afternoon, evening and night.

Radio Stations

Another great source of a weather report while in Jamaica is from any of our radio stations. Radio weather reports are vital because this is the most popular means to issue updates on weather trends.

If there are any emergencies as it relates to weather updates, you can tune into any radio station for breaking news such as flash flood warnings, storm warnings, hurricane warnings, impassable roads, light rain, and heavy rain.

So now you have all the choices to stay informed on the latest weather reports while in Jamaica.

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