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Hi! My name is Alwyn and I am fortunate to have been born and raised in Jamaica.

I say I'm fortunate because Jamaica is an island with so many things to do that no matter how many times you come here there is always something new to do.

The idea behind Jamaica Travel Secrets is to show you Jamaica through the eyes of a local.

Alwyn Francis Jamaica Travel Secrets

Locals love to go everywhere and experience everything. Most visitors to Jamaica go where the books, websites, friends and travel agents tell them to go.

Not me.

My Experience

From a tender age of five I knew that my life would revolve around travelling.

I loved travelling so much that I decided to study Tourism Management at the University of The West Indies. During that time I did several internships in Jamaica and Bahamas.

Alwyn Craig Francis

When I returned to Jamaica, I got a job at Beaches Boscobel Resort & Spa, which is the number one family resort in the Caribbean.

Working at Beaches Boscobel meant that I had to leave my hometown of Kingston and live in Ocho Rios.

I worked there for 5 years but during my time there I also lived in Montego Bay and Negril.

Every week I got one day off and I would go to a new attraction or hotel and then post a picture about it.

Friends would always ask me if I am in Jamaica and how much did I pay to go or stay there.

They were always shocked to find out the price I paid.

Soon my friends and their friends would always ask me for advice or as they would put it, my "travel secrets".

For years, friends would encourage me to start a travel agency to tourists on their vacation.

But I wanted more.

I wanted to reach more than just locals. I wanted to help people save money on their hotel rooms and spend it in the local community or some other way.

But this website is not just about saving money.

It is about having the best experience that you possibly can while in Jamaica. It is also about going to new places and meeting new people.

Every day I hear of a new attraction or a new restaurant.

Every single day.

You cannot come to Jamaica and stay at the same hotel, visit the same night clubs, go on the same tours and go to the same restaurants.

When you think that your time in Jamaica was the best, I will show you how it can be better.

All that I have learnt from studying the industry and travelling around every day, I will show you at no cost.

All I ask is that any secrets or tips that you have you share it with me. We are a community.

About Jamaica Travel Secrets

Jamaica Travel Secrets is not owned by a travel company or influenced by the government. This website is owned and operated by Alwyn.

The idea started from as early as 2007 but was only launched in 2012.

The main aim of Jamaica Travel Secrets is to help foreigners and locals make the best of their vacation.

Jamaica Travel Secrets

I know that everyone is expecting the good secrets but I also have the bad secrets as well.

All secrets must be revealed.

The main aim of this website is to show you all about Jamaica and to help you decide how to spend your time while you are here.

Not only will you discover new places but you will also find new ways to save money and really enjoy your time in Jamaica.

This is the only website where you will find all the secrets from a local.

Only a Jamaican can tell you how to really enjoy Jamaica.

Welcome to Jamaica


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