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I can’t imagine travelling without my Jamaica road map. I remember when I first had to carry my map everywhere I went. In fact, I still carry around my Shell Map, in case I have to go somewhere new.

I will first tell you about the best free road map of Jamaica and where you can purchase a more detailed road map of Jamaica.

A Free Jamaica Road Map

Free Jamaica Road Map

I usually believe that anything free is not good but the “FREE JA Map” by Minority Group Jamaica Limited is pretty good.

Printable Raod Map of Jamaica

With this “JA map,” you will find a map of the entire Jamaica plus more important points of attractions and interests.

As I mentioned before, this map is thorough enough to get you around Jamaica without any problems.

Easily identify main roads, minor roads, parish boundaries, main cities, main towns, minor towns, police stations, airports, hospitals, golf courses, lighthouses, beaches, information centers and post offices.

Map of Ocho RIos

On the back of the map you will find Four (4) major sections, each representing the big resort areas in Jamaica.

There is a comprehensive map for Kingston, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril. All the major attractions and point of interests are easily identifiable on this map.

You will also like the fact that this FREE map is very small and does not require you to stop your car and spread it all over the roof to find your location.

In addition, this map states the driving distances from one parish to the next.

If this map is not thorough enough for you, you can try our next map, the Shell Road Map.

Shell Jamaica Road Map

Shell Jamaica Road Map

The best road map that you will find in Jamaica is the Shell Road Map. You can purchase this map at any Shell gas station in Jamaica, or you can order one online.

The Shell road map is much more in depth than the free JA-Map. In addition to all the information that the free map will show you, you will also find more information such as:

  • Dining spots
  • Entertainment spots
  • Financial Offices
  • Recreation
  • Shopping
  • Sightseeing
  • Transportation
  • Hotels
  • Tours
  • Beaches

This Shell map includes the major resort areas as well as Spanish Town, Portmore, Mandeville, Port Antonio and Falmouth.

Jamaica Ochi Map

I use this map more than any other map around because of how easy it is to read and how in depth it is.

This street map was a gift from my mother. I guess she knew that when I started driving I would get lost a lot. This map has really helped me to get around Jamaica quickly and with no problems.

Shell Road Jamaican Map

Trust me, with the Shell road map you can’t get lost. When you purchase this map, ensure that it is the latest version.

You don’t want to travel without your Jamaican map because you will get lost and being lost can ruin your vacation on this island.

Finding a Good Road Map

Kingston Road Map

You will find Jamaica road maps almost everywhere. When you arrive at any one of our two major airports, you can ask for a free map. This free map may also be available at the hotel that you are staying at, especially if it is an all-inclusive hotel.

If you are travelling within Jamaica, you can visit any Jamaica Tourist Board office or any travel agency.

Jamaica road maps can also be purchased at gas stations, book stores and online.

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