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Jamaica Car Rental

Finding a reliable Jamaica car rental company is very important if you are planning to do some driving while in Jamaica. There are many car rental companies here ranging from well known international companies to local companies.

Regardless of where you are staying in Jamaica, there is always a car rental company nearby.

So when it is time to do a little driving while in Jamaica, you have many options to choose from.

On this page you will find information on:

  • General Requirements
  • Prices
  • Coverage
  • Tips
  • List of Jamaica car rental companies

General Requirements For Renting A Car In Jamaica

Car Rental In Jamaica

Before you begin to think about renting a car in Jamaica, there are certain criteria that you must meet.

  • You must be between the ages of 23 to 75 years old. Some companies will go as low as the age of 21 but at an additional charge.
  • Have your license for at least one (1) year. The number of years may vary up to three (3) years. You don’t need an international license in Jamaica.
  • A valid credit card such as Master Card or Visa. The expiration date should be anytime after the drop off date of the rental car.
  • You must rent the car for at least 24 hours.
  • A coverage charge that is used for insurance against damages and theft.

Jamaica Car Rental Prices

In Jamaica, the price to rent a car will range from US$35 to US250 per day. Of course this price depends on a variety of things.

A medium to midsized vehicle is the cheapest followed by a premium full sized car then a sports utility vehicle. The most expensive will be a minivan.

Do you prefer a particular brand? You will find that Toyota Corrolla and Nissan Sunny are cheaper than Honda Civics and Toyota Camrys.

Would you like leather seats, air conditioner and a fully powered vehicle? The more features that are in the vehicle the more the vehicle will likely cost.

The longer you rent a car the cheaper the price will be. Most car rental companies in Jamaica will offer discounts when your rental is for more than three (3) days. If you rent longer than seven (7) days, you will enjoy greater savings.

Most companies will quote you a price that should include rental fee, insurance and value added tax (V.A.T.). Be sure to ask so that you are not surprised when it is time to make payment.

There are times when you may require special features such as child seats, roof rack or a car with manual transmission. Ensure that you make these special arrangements at least 3 days before you are schedule to pick up your car.

Speaking of collecting the car, some of the companies listed at the end of this page will deliver and collect the car regardless of where you are in Jamaica. Again, some will charge a fee while some won’t.

Jamaica Car Rental Insurance Coverage

Caribbean car Rental Jamaica

Depending on the Jamaica car rental company, insurance coverage will vary for loss, theft and damage. Ensure that you read through the plans and choose the best one that matches your needs.

You will have to submit your credit card information so that they can make a hold on the card in case of any incidentals.

Some credit card companies offer motor car insurance. Check with your credit card company and find out if you qualify for coverage in Jamaica. If you do, you should not have to pay any additional charges.

Tips For Renting A Car In Jamaica

  • Remember that we drive on the left hand side of the road.
  • Carefully read through your contract before you sign it.
  • Check your insurance coverage and ensure that you are comfortable with what you are getting.
  • You are usually given the car with a full tank of gas and I suggest that you return it just the same. If you don’t, they will charge you to refill the tank and it will be much more expensive if they do. So stop by a gas station when you are returning the motor car and full up the tank.
  • Call around for the best price. There are over 45 registered car rental companies in Jamaica. Please do some form of research before you arrive.
  • Make arrangements with the company before you reach Jamaica so that you can have the car on arrival or at your desired time.
  • It is best to make your reservation online instead of trying to rent a car on arrival. When you wait the last minute, you really don’t have time to shop around and so you will have to settle for the prices that you are offered.
  • Drive carefully and treat the car like your own.
  • Every passenger in the car should wear a seat belt.

List of Jamaica Car Rental Companies


Avis Rent A Car

1 Merrick Ave Kingston 10

Head Office & Reservation Center
(876) 926-8021

Beaumont’s Car Rental & Tours Ltd

56C Studio One Blvd Kingston 5
34 Queens Dr MoBy
2 Queens Dr MoBy

(876) 926-0311

Cavanor Auto Rentals Ltd

1 Barbican Cl

Kingston 8

(876) 969- 8156

Absolute Rental Service

7 King Street

Linstead, St Catherine

(876) 903-4832

Montego Bay

Island car Rentals

Sangster Intl Airport
Montego Bay

(876) 952-5771

Fiesta Car Rentals

Montego Freeport
14 Waterloo Rd Kgn 10

(876) 684- 9444

Danjor Car Rentals

34 Queens Drive

Montego Bay, St. James

(876) 953- 9258

Dhana Car Rental & Tours

4 Holiday Vill Rose Hall

St James

(876) 953-9555

Prospective Car Rentals & Tours Ltd

Hotel Montego Federal Ave

Montego Bay, St James

(876) 952-0112

Garmack Car Rentals

66 Claude Clarke Av Montego Bay

St James

(876) 952-7810

Central Rent-A-Car

25 Gloucester Avenue

Montego Bay, St. James

(876) 952-3347

Sun vacation Tours & Rental

34 Hobbs Ave Montego Bay

St James

(876) 979-2075

Bargain Rent-A-Car Ja Ltd

Sangster International Airport

Montego Bay, St. James

(876) 952- 0762

Budget Rent-A-Car
Sangster International Airport

Montego Bay, St. James

(876) 952-3838

Chickory Car Rentals

Yadah Tour & Car Rental Co Ltd.

80C Queens Dr Montego Bay, St James

(876) 940- 2987

Cole’s Car Rental Ltd

10 Sunset Blvd Montego Bay, St. James

(876) 952-9156

Efay Rent-A-Car Ltd

3 Churchill Av Montego Bay, St James

(876) 952-8280

Genesis Tours & Car Rentals Ltd

1-3 Sunset Blvd Montego Bay, St James

(876) 940-6329


28 Sunset Blvd Montego Bay, St. James

(876) 952-4250

Liberty Car Rental Ltd

28 Sunset Blvd Montego Bay, St. James

(876) 952-4250

Patmar’s Rental Ltd

Mount Salem Main Rd Montego Bay, St James

(876) 971-4909

Payless Car Rental

26 sunset Ave Montego Bay, St. James

(876) 952-1212

Smith’s Car Rental

32 Queens Dr Montego Bay, St James

(876) 979-3208

United Car Rentals Ltd

49 Gloucester Ave Montego Bay, St. James

(876) 952-3077

Vision Car Rental & Tours Ltd

Salt Spring Rd Montego Bay, St James

(876) 979-5559

Sun Jam Car Rentals Ltd

66 Claude Clarke Av Montego Bay, St James

(876) 979- 9355

Sunsational Car Rental & Tours Ltd

26 Sunset Ave Montego Bay, St James

(876) 952-1212

Sun Jam Car Rentals Ltd

66 Claude Clarke Av Montego Bay, St James

(876) 979- 9355


Eastern Car Rentals Ltd

16 West St Port Antonio, Portland

18 King St PtAn

(876) 993- 4364

Ocho Rios

Caribbean Car Rentals

Ocho 99A Main St

(876) 974-2513

Rent-A-Car Caribbean & Tours Ltd

28 Dunrobin Ave Kgn 10
Shop 4 109 Main St Ocho

(876) 412-7224

ABE Motor Car Rentals & Sales

73 Main Street

Ocho Rios, St Ann

(876) 974-1008

Salem Car Rental

Salem Runaway Bay

St Ann Jamaica

(876) 973- 4167


Auto All Ltd

30 West Pk Av May Pen, Clarendon
1 Glenmuir Rd MyPn


Carren Ltd

Denbigh Dr May Pen, Clarendon

(876) 986-1687


Escape Car Rental

22 Ward Ave Mandeville, Manchester

(876) 962-5895

Hemisphere Car Rental Co Ltd

51 Manchester Rd Mandeville, Manchester

(876) 962-1921

Moon Glow Car Rental

81A Ward Ave Mandeville, Manchester

(876) 962- 3078

Nashville Car Rental Ltd

Lot 14 Nashville Mandeville, Manchester

(876) 962-5198


Happy World Car & Bike Rental Ltd

Norman Manley Blvd Negril, Westmoreland

(876) 957-4004

Vernon’s Car & Jeep Rental Ltd

Shop 22 Plaza De Negril l, Westmoreland

(876) 957-4354

Pat’s Taxi Service Co. Ltd

5 Lewis Street

Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland

(876) 918-0431

So now that you have your list of Jamaica car rental companies, it is time to make some phone calls and hopefully you will find a suitable car.

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