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Jamaica All Inclusive

Jamaica all inclusive hotels are the most popular type of accommodation among tourist, especially in the resort areas of Negril, Ocho Rios, Trelawny and Montego Bay.

The concept came along years ago in the 1950s by a hotel name Club Med. In 1978, Abe Issa started the all-inclusive package in Jamaica with his Couples Resort in Tower Isle Ocho Rios.

Today, the majority of large hotels have adapted the Jamaica All Inclusive Packages as the way forward.

Overview of Jamaica All Inclusive

At a Jamaican all inclusive hotel, you are supposed to pay one price to eat, drink and play all day and night without having to pay for any of the basic needs.

But the policy differs at some properties.

What some all inclusive hotels in Jamaica consider free, at other hotels you have to pay.

So before you book an all-inclusive holiday vacation, here are some factors that you should consider.

Best Jamaica All Inclusive

Adults Only

Adults only all inclusive hotels in Jamaica feature any mixture of man and woman, woman and woman or man and man. The numbers of persons that occupy a room are usually no more than four.

At an adult only property, you should expect some sign of nudity. After all, only adults should enter and why should the children alone have all the fun?

Couples Only

Most couples only resorts are limited to two persons to a room. Those two persons should be one male and one female. The idea behind this is intimacy, romance and togetherness. Some persons like to sum this up and call it LOVE.

Couples only will include additional features like a spa, candlelight dinner and decorated rooms.

Family Vacation

At one pint, Jamaica all inclusive hotels were once thought to be for couples and adults only.

Today, the majority of all inclusive accommodations are geared towards family inclusion because the truth of the fact is that parents don’t want to leave their children behind.

Family hotels usually accommodate up to five, possibly six persons in a room. As a safety measure, children alone cannot stay in a room.

Buffet and snack bars are very common for family resorts.

All-Inclusive Room


Rooms are always included. Rooms come equipped with a refrigerator, and anything in the refrigerator is usually free of cost. You can ask for your refrigerator to be restocked daily.

Most hotels have now introduced a snack bar inside of the room. There might be an additional charge if you eat anything from this snack bar so call the front desk and ask before you take anything.

Iron, hair dryer, safety deposit box, towels, wash rags, shampoo, soaps, and other toiletries are all included for use, but not to take home.


Not because your hotel has the words “inclusive” in the title means that you can eat all day.

You should be able to eat all day, but I have heard about some places that offer only three meals a day and any additional meals you will have to pay for.

Then there are other properties that allow you to eat at the buffet restaurants as many times as you like, and then you will have to pay to dine at the specialty restaurants.

A “real” all inclusive will allow you to eat all day long 24 hours a day regardless of the type of restaurant.


Entertainment is free until you are tired then you rest and start again. Every activity in the day to partying at nights is free. You can expect a different band or musician every night at some of these hotels.

You should not experience the same entertainment in any two days while at a resort.

Most of these hotels have discos with unlimited drinks all night. Please drink responsibly.

Jamaica Travel Secrets 2


Non Alcoholic drinks are free. You may have to pay for some premium drinks. At Sandals Resorts, Breezes Resorts and Sunset Resorts, you can enjoy any type of beverage free all day and all night long.

Leave your money in your room and drink, drink, drink.


Limited spa services are offered as a part of the Jamaica all inclusive package. The steam room is usually free but massages, pedicures, manicures and facials will most certainly come at an extra charge.

Gift Shop

Don’t you wish you could just walk in the gift shop and take a souvenir or two? Sorry, but you have to pay first.

Remember all inclusive also means everything you need is at one location for your own convenience.

JAmaica All Inclusive Family

Kids Camp

All activities at the kid’s camp from in the mornings until evenings are free. If you require the services of a nanny at nights, you will have to pay a few extra dollars.

Photo Shop

No camera? No problem. Head on down to the photo shop and make arrangements to have your pictures taken anywhere on the property.

Before they begin to take pictures, ask if there are any specials or discounts going on.

These pictures are professionally done so you should expect a professional price.

Water sports

Most non motorized activities are free. There might be a charge for scuba diving and riding the Jet Ski. Be sure to ask your travel agent or contact someone from the hotel’s customer service before you book. Some hotels offer scuba diving free.

All-Inclusive Tours

Tours and Attractions

To make all inclusive travel more enticing, some resorts have begun to add a free local tour in their package. Most resorts will assist you with finding transportation to and from the tour or attraction of your choice.


A trip to the golf course is not typically included, but some resorts do offer transportation to the golf course as well as green fees. The only cost that is usually associated is your caddy fee.

Room Service

Not all hotels offer room service as part of their all-inclusive experience but quite a few do. Most Couples Resorts do offer room service 24 hours a day.

Jamaica All Inclusive Wedding


Getting married? You should receive a free honeymoon room upgrade but expect to pay for the pastor fee and for the videotaping, photographs, beverages and meals.


Butler service is usually guaranteed with a particular room category. Only a handful of Jamaica all inclusive villas or resorts will actually offer Butler service, even though the trend has significantly grown over the past five years.


The smaller hotels will offer free wifi internet but for some reason, only a handful of all inclusive properties offers free wifi internet on property.

Nurse Assistance

Nurse assistance such as basic medication that will treat flu, headaches, bleeding and swelling. A fee is charged once you have to see a doctor.

If there is a need to go to the hospital, the hotel usually arranges transportation and accommodation for you and your family.

Meetings and Conventions

Access to meeting and convention rooms will most certainly be available at an extra cost.

You should now have a better idea of what you can expect at a Jamaica all inclusive hotels.

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