Flag of Jamaica

Flag of Jamaica

There is a new admiration for the flag of Jamaica these days. This started in 1998 when we qualified for the World Cup in France. But it went to another level when our athletes became so successful in 2008 at the Olympics Games in Beijing, China.

In Jamaica, the flag is visible all over the place. From on the side of motor cars to hanging out of the bags of students, to workers and little children playing, everyone had a flag.

Who didn’t have a flag made sure they bought one, or they wore clothes with the colours of the flag: Gold, Green and Black.


First lifted on Independence Day, August 6, 1962, the Jamaican flag means the birth of our country.

The Flag of Jamaica is a reminder of past accomplishments and is an inspiration for future victories. It is raised on many glorious events, showing the pride that Jamaicans have in their country and in the flag itself.


The Jamaican flag consists of a gold cross and four triangles at each end. The top and bottom triangles are green, and the left and right triangles are black.

The flag is one of the most reproduced Jamaican symbols by students. It is a common activity for school children to design flags at some time during the school year.


One look at the flag and you will see why it means so much to us.

Black is for the power and ingenuity of the people; Gold, represents the natural riches and magnificence of sunlight; and green, symbolize optimism and agricultural wealth.

So when you decide to purchase a Jamaican flag, please remember the codes.

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