Dunns River Falls Jamaica
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Dunns River Falls Jamaica is one of the most popular attractions in Jamaica for locals and tourists. If there was any one attraction that you could visit, this is the one.

How can you come to Jamaica without visiting Dunns River Waterfalls Jamaica located in Ocho Rios?

Getting There

Dunns River Bus Park

The most popular way to get to Dunns River is by car or bus. If you are within the Ocho Rios Region, Dunns River falls will not be more than 15 minutes drive.

For those persons traveling from Montego Bay, you will have to travel for at least 90 minutes.

From Negril, it will take you approximately three hours and from Kingston and Portland about two hours.

Most hotels offer a travel package to Dunns River Falls which most tourists find expensive. Calling a private licence taxi is much cheaper.

About Dunns River Falls Jamaica

Dunns River Falls Entrance

Dunns River Falls Jamaica is one of the few attractions that every Jamaican must have visited at least once in their lives.

The falls is now owned by the St. Ann Development Company, which is the area leg of the government-owned Urban Development Company.

Dunns River Falls Jamaica

The falls is over 600 feet and is a thrill to climb. I must warn you that the water is very cold regardless of the time of the year that you go there. However, once you enter the water all that cold feeling is gone.

Dunns River has a very nice beach that is much underrated. The water is enjoyable and just relaxing.

You will find persons as early as 8am waiting for the opening time of 8:30am. You have until 4pm before the park closes but doesn’t think that you have the whole day to relax. Time goes by as fast as the falls running down the rocks.

Residents will pay only $600 for adults and $300 for children ages 2 to 11. Non residents will pay US$20 for adults and US$12 for children. For non residents, ask your hotel if they have any specials or even a free entry coupon to Dunns River Falls.

Restaurant At Dunns RIver Falls

You can also purchase food and beverages on the property, but you will find that the costs for these items are a lot more than what you would pay for in the store. After all, this is an attraction so you should expect that. Most locals cook and carry their own food or buy food along the way.

Dunns River falls is pretty safe, but you should still safeguard your belongs at all times. You can purchase a locker space to store your things when you decide to climb the falls.

Visiting Dunns River Falls is one of the best family outdoor activities that you can take part in. A day at the park will definitely bring the family closer together.

Climbing Dunns River Falls Jamaica

Climbing Dunns River Falls

Climbing to the top of Dunns River Waterfalls has to be on your Jamaican bucket list.

The waterfall is all natural. What I like about Dunns river falls is that there is a self-made pool every 20 feet so you can stop and rest. Minor altercations have been made in the pathway when climbing the falls. This makes it easier to tunnel your way up.

When climbing the waterfalls, you will find waiting areas to the left-hand side. Don’t be surprised if you find me sitting in this area, but it’s not because I’m tired, it's just that I’m taking in the lovely view.

Dunns River Waterfalls

It takes about 1.5 hours to climb the falls. This time will include stopping for photos and resting. If you are climbing alone it may take a shorter time.

For those who don’t want to climb, you can walk to the top and watch other persons climb up.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t make it all the way to the top. There are several stop off points sort of like stages. I never went to the top my first time but my second time I certainly did.

Group Climbing Dunns River Falls

When climbing the falls you have the option to climb the falls yourself or follow a tour guide who will assist you. It is very popular to see people climbing the falls holding hands. That is the safest way to climb the falls.

For your own safety, you should wear beach shoes because climbing the falls barefoot is very risky.

When climbing the falls, you should stay close to the corners. The first 300 foot of the falls is pretty easy. After 300 feet, the adventure is more challenging.

Dunns River Falls Tour

You are guaranteed that your friends back home will ask you if your reached the top of the falls when you went to Dunns River Waterfalls.

This attraction is not somewhere that you go once. You have to go again and again.


Dunns River Falls Beach or Waterfalls

Dunns River is not only well-liked for the falls and the beach. It is also common for other attractions on site such as jerk stops, restaurant, concessionaire stands and craft shops.

Souvenirs at Dunns River Water Falls Ocho Rios

There is a line of craft shops offering a variety of souvenirs. You can even purchase swimming shoes here.

The vendors will try to persuade you to buy a handmade souvenir. Don’t be afraid to bargain with them because they always pitch the highest price first.

Best Time to Visit Dunns River Falls Jamaica

Hiking Dunns Riverfalls

There is never a bad time to visit Dunns River Falls. All months are good the only difference is that some months experience more rainfall and larger crowds than others.

Some persons feel that the best time to visit Dunns River Falls Jamaica is in the summer because of the sunny weather. But remember that during the summer months, you will find that is also the busiest time of the year.

The Summer Months are hot but generally crowded. On some days, you can expect to see more locals than tourists. To avoid rainfall, August is the best month to visit.

You can try visiting in September or October when there are fewer crowds, but you should expect rainfall.

The best months for good weather, to avoid crowds and rainfall are March, April and May.

10am is a great time to arrive, which is right before the busy lunch hour and way past the early rush at 8:30am.

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