The Capital of Jamaica
Kingston City

When you first arrive in the capital of Jamaica, Kingston, you will quickly realize why this Jamaican city is a trendsetter.

Kingston is always bustling with activities throughout the day. In the daytime, the city is as lively with activity as labourers make their way from offices to government agencies.

Night time equals no-stop entertainment in the form of nightclubs, bars, karaoke, theaters and many more entertainment spots.

There is more to Kingston than entertainment and partying. Let us take a look at the Capital of Jamaica.

Kingston The Capital of Jamaica


History of Kingston Jamaica

Did you know that it was only after the 1692 earthquake in Port Royal that Kingston became the capital of Jamaica?

Kingston is the largest city south of Miami and was discovered in 1692 after an earthquake destroyed Port Royal.

Unlike the resort areas of Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril, Kingston does not have many surrounding beaches but there are numerous attractions and 24/7 entertainment to keep you busy all day.

Today, Kingston is Jamaica’s leader in sports, entertainment, music and business. Majority of business travellers visit Kingston to attend meetings, conferences and seminars.

Kingston Hotels

Kingston Hotels Jamaica

Accommodation is not hard to find in the Capital of Jamaica. This city offers thousands of rooms with a variety of amenities.

Rooms are available in just about every form such as hotels, motels, apartments, bed and breakfast, villas and condominiums.

In New Kingston, you will discover renowned business hotels like Wyndham, Pegasus, Courtleigh, Knutsford Court, Spanish Court, Altamont Court and Hotel Four Seasons.

Nearby the New Kingston area you have the option of staying at some quieter and smaller hotels such as Indies Hotel, Terra Nova All Suites and Mayfair. Then in the hills of Kingston there is Strawberry Hill Hotel, and over by Port Royal is Morgan’s Harbour Hotel & Marina.

Cultural Sites and Attractions

Attractions Capital of Jamaica

There is no way that you can visit all of Kingston’s attractions in one day. Kingston has so many attractions that you will be busy for days.

If your time is limited in Kingston, try to visit the more popular attractions such as Bank of Jamaica Money Museum, Bob Marley Museum, Caymanas Park, Botanical Garden, Devon House Heritage Site, Emancipation park, Fort Charles and Maritime Museum, Hope Garden & Zoo, National Gallery, Twin Sisters Cave and the University of the West Indies.


Restaurant Kingston Jamaica

If Ocho Rios is the capital of attractions, then Kingston is the capital of restaurants.  For those persons that have a difficult time trying to visit all the Kingston attractions in one day, then they will have a harder time visiting all the restaurants in Kingston.

From local fast-food-outlets to fine-dining-restaurants, Kingston has it all.

You name the cuisine and Kingston probably has at least five restaurants that specialize in it. Jamaican, Indian, Chinese, European, Japanese, and Italian are just a few cuisines that are offered.

The food never stops in Kingston. Food is available 24 hours a day on every street.


Kingston Jamaica Nightlife

Nowhere in Jamaica comes alive at nights like Kingston.

There are nightclubs such as Quad, Club Privilege, Fiction, Pure, Escape and Club Riddim. These Kingston nightclubs play a fusion of music from reggae, dancehall, pop, rock, disco and soul.

You also have night-time entertainment like local plays held at Center Stage in New Kingston. Our local plays are guaranteed to have you laughing for days.

On every street corner, you will find various forms of entertainment such as Karaoke, theatre, and movies.

Kingston may not have as many beaches as the resort areas but it makes it up with non-stop entertainment all year.


Capital of Jamaica Kingston Map

Without a reliable map of Kingston, you will get lost in this city.

The capital of Jamaica is divided into two main areas: uptown and downtown.

For those persons that plan on doing a little exploring, ensure that you have a good road map or a detailed map of Kingston because you can get lost.

Free road maps are available at airports and a few hotels.

More information on Map of Kingston


Kingston Jamaica Fashion

Kingston is the fashion capital of Jamaica. Jamaica has a unique form of fashion, and Kingston is usually the first city to lead the way.

Our music plays a major role in our fashion sense, and we always seem to stand out from the crowd, in a good way.

The fashion here has grown so much that Caribbean fashion Week, held annually in Kingston, attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. 

Caribbean fashion week has drawn international media houses such as The New York Times, The Independent, Fashion TV Paris, Vanity Fair and Vogue.


Shopping In The Capital Of Jamaica Kingston

Souvenirs from t-shirts to craft items are all accessible in Kingston’s city.

Downtown Kingston is where you will come across Victoria Craft Market, which offers many souvenirs such as chains, clothes, baskets and wooden sculptures.

A few miles away are The Kingston Craft Market on Harbour Street. Here you will stumble upon more items ranging from straw hats to straw baskets.

The capital of Jamaica also offers duty-free-shopping so you can buy your jewellery, perfumes and handbags.

Don’t leave without our local food. Visit any of the local supermarkets and buy authentic Jamaican recipes and food.


Kingston Jamaica Business

Majority of government agencies and business headquarters are positioned in New Kingston or Downtown Kingston.

As I mentioned before, thousands of visitors travel to Kingston every month to do some form of business.

All the headquarters of the banks and major corporations are located in the New Kingston area or Downtown Kingston.


Kingston Jamaica Transportation System

Getting around Kingston Jamaica is trouble-free.

There is the option of the public transportation on a bus or a registered taxi service. For those visitors who like to explore, rent a motor vehicle at one of our car rental companies in Kingston.

Do you want to visit the north coast fast and in comfort? Take a shuttle bus from New Kingston or book a flight at Tinson Pen Aerodome, and you will be at your destination in a matter of minutes.

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