Jamaica Travel Secrets
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Jamaica Travel Secrets

Jamaica travel secrets? What secrets am I talking about? The ones that Jamaicans kept to themselves, until now.

The beaches, the food, the drinks, the hotels, the villas, the museums, the history, well, you get the picture.

And I am not just talking about Negril beach, Jerk chicken, Sandals Resorts, Karma Bay Villa and Bob Marley museum.

Dunns River Falls Ocho Rios

I am talking about the places and things that your travel agents won’t tell you and the places that the magazines have never been to.

Only a local like myself can tell you about these insider tips and secrets.

I have been to all the parishes before, and now I plan to do it all again, and I want you to come with me.

Join me as we (you and I), travel Jamaica and discover new places.

You can call me the modern-day Christopher Columbus if you like.

Of course, you will find information on the popular places . However, you won’t just find any information.

You will find the tips and advice on how to save on your trip and make the best of your vacation.

Jamaica Travel Secrets does not only focus on sun, sea and sand, I will tell you all about our way of life, the people, our culture and how to get around when you are traveling to, from or around Jamaica.


All Inclusive Hotel Jamaica

There are over 30,000 rooms of which you can choose from.

  • I highlight those small hotels that are just as good, if not better than the “well known” hotels.
  • Booking a room at the last minute? Don’t bother to check online they will tell you that all the rooms are gone. If you call your travel agent, she will tell you the same thing. I will tell you where to find last minute rooms at unbelievable low prices.

  • I will tell you when is the best time to book your hotel room and save as much as 75%.

  • Where should you stay? Villa, small hotel or bed and breakfast?
  • But then there is also the popular choice of all inclusive resorts. Stay at Sandals Resorts, Breezes Resorts, RIU Hotels, Jewels Resorts and Secret Resorts.
  • Couples Resorts or the family friendly Beaches Resorts.
  • We even offer insider information for your vacation and how to find the cheapest all inclusive packages for your vacation.
  • Scan through hotel reviews as I visit them one by one.


Air Jamaica Flights

In this section, you will learn how to find the cheapest airfares as well as vital information about the airports that will save you money on your way to your favorite destination.

• Jamaica Travel Secrets will show you the best websites to book your cheap flights. Including Air Jamaica, which is our national carrier.

• Locate the best car rental companies that are reliable with good insurance coverage.

• If you are coming by cruise, know the best cruise to the island and what you can expect.

• Get your free detailed map or a road map to help you get around the island.

Food And Beverage

Hellshire Fish and Bammy

• Find the best restaurants and hear what visitors and locals say about the food here.

• Go to the bar and drink authentic Jamaican drinks or learn how to make your very own with our recipes.

• I will show you the bars and the best entertainment spots that travel guides forgot to mention.

• Buy lunch for as little as US$4 that will give you as much food and taste as some restaurants that cost US$50. I show you the spots to go when you are traveling around this island.


Cruise Ship Ocho Rios

There are so many things to do in Jamaica.

• There is a wonderful array of attractions on the island to keep you busy exploring for days. You can find adventure exploring the waters, hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, playing golf and several other activities for nature lovers.

• I will show you where the best beaches are located and when is the best time to go to the beach (avoid the crowds). Find out our top 25 beaches in Jamaica for children, adults (even nude beaches) and the family.

• Learn about our people, our music, our festivals and our culture.

• When you’re finish, just relax at any spa, which is likely to use our very own soothing products.

• Keep track of the climate by getting the latest weather forecast before you visit Jamaica.

• Go shopping for your souvenirs at the local craft market or visit our gift shops.

Culture And Lifestyle

Galina Breeze Hotel, St. Mary

So you want to learn more about our culture and our way of life. Find information on:

• The history of all the parishes.

• The high schools and colleges.

• Learn about our national symbols such as the bird, the flag and the heroes.

• Read our newspapers such as The Observer, The Daily Gleaner and The Star.

• Find out interesting facts about my island, current news, and important travel tips.

Getting married in "Jamdown" and why you should choose Jamaica as your wedding destination (very easy to get married in Jamaica here).

• Search for jobs and find out if you need to apply for a visa when you’re coming to my island.

• Look at some of the best real estate deals that this island has to offer and close in on properties for sale.

• Get more information on our rivers, plants and animal life.

• Look at the many pictures that I’m taking of my country and read many more articles

Jamaica One Love

Trust me when I tell you that there is a lot more information available.

I am constantly adding new pages, so keep up to date with my blog where you can read all the latest entries.

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