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On this page I will show you where to find the best jobs in Jamaica that offer many benefits. I will also show you the easiest way to find Jamaican jobs.

Finding a job in Jamaica is not difficult. There are many jobs available for qualified foreigners.

Persons may have difficulty finding employment because they are not looking in the right places.

Here I will show you where to find the highest paying jobs, adequate vacation time and numerous benefits.

Remember that before you begin to work in Jamaica you may require a Jamaican work permit.

Job Sources: Newspapers and Online


For long-term professional jobs, the fastest and easiest way to find a job in Jamaica is in the Careers section of the Sunday Gleaner Newspaper .

This section has a directory of various employment opportunities in finance, medical, sports, music, tourism, agriculture and so on.

Another alternative is the career’s section in The Sunday Observer Newspaper .Both Sunday newspapers are available in print and online.

Lower paying jobs can also be found in the classified section of both newspapers. The jobs in this area are more suitable for persons seeking part time jobs or student work.

Online Jobs in Jamaica

Here are my best online resources when searching for jobs in Jamaica. Browse through all these websites and ensure that you register for their newsletters and email updates for current job openings.

When you sign up to email updates, this will set aside time from consistently visiting these websites, while using the time saved to develop your career skills.

  • Facebook Jobs: Almost every business in Jamaica has a Facebook page. The best way to find a job in Jamaica online is to search for the company’s name, and view their career/vacancy section. A popular Facebook page is “I Need A Job Jamaica.” A number of jobs are posted to this page daily.

  • Caribbean Jobs Jamaica: This website has an extensive selection of career opportunities in not only Jamaica but also the Caribbean. Browse through an assortment of jobs available.

  • You can either search by job title or category. What is interesting about this website is that there are also articles that will assist you in finding employment, and career development.

  • Career Jamaica provides a career guide, job postings and email updates for new jobs.

  • Employment Jamaica: Employment JA has certainly grown over the years, in relation to the number of employment opportunities. You can search for jobs in any field, as well as, post your resume for employers to view.

  • Splash Jamaica has been around the longest. Hundreds of jobs are posted every month along with articles and upcoming corporate events.


At the moment (2012), the minimum wage in Jamaica is JMD$4500 a week which is a little over US$200 a month.

I know that it is not much but there are hundreds of jobs that pay over US$400 a week, which are available for tourists.

You have to remember that the cost of living is not as high as USA, Canada and UK. You can rent an apartment in an upscale area for as little as US$300 a month, and in New York that same apartment would cost you at least US$2,000 a month.

Finding the Best Job In Jamaica

Finding a job in Jamaica can be a challenge but it all depends on where you search for a job. There are quite a few jobs available in Jamaica for foreigners.

 Hospitality jobs provide a great avenue for persons who want to travel around the island and work at the same time. High season, summer and winter, is the best time to work in the tourism industry.

Majority of foreigners have a hospitality job because that international experience is always an advantage. The best way to find these jobs is to search the hotel’s website in the career section.

Government jobs can be found on the Ministry of Labour website or the Career section of the major newspapers. Government jobs pay well, but the private-sector jobs are usually the highest paying jobs in Jamaica. Visit company websites like Carreras, Digicel, LIME, and GraceKennedy.

Teaching jobs are also available at the many colleges and universities’ island wide. Other professional jobs include accounting and real estate brokerage.

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